Sunday, March 30, 2014

Quick update

     Austin has returned home for a couple of weeks.  He settled in remarkably quickly and is best, best buds with Hoover.  Hoover is showing him around and keeping him company.
     Hunter is 3 days old.  One day at a time.  He is 80g tonight and eating well.  He makes the bottle hum when he eats and his good eating is reflecting in his weight increase tonight.  He is pooping the best out of any baby I have had in a long while.  He even left a few firm "presents" in his bed for me this afternoon.  The laundry begins.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Conclusion and A Beginning

     All the babies from last year have been adopted which concludes the baby season of 2013.  Austin is being returned to me today as his owner changed jobs and would be gone for long periods of time.  Rather than leaving Austin alone he opted to return Austin and let my calendar boy (Sept in the Street Cat Calendar) get the attention he deserves. He will get neutered next Thurs then go to the Street Cat shelter or Petsmart to be viewed for adoption.  Boston has gone to the foster home where her brother Booker is.  They will be happy to be together again.
     Welcome to the first baby of 2014!  The first baby is always the most special as I have been kitten free for a while and am in withdrawl.  Hunter was born Thursday morning to a very young (5-6 months old) and very tiny mom.  She had been living on the street and was discovered by a foster mom.  She was taken to the vet where she gave birth in the early hours of Thursday morning.  The other two babies were stillborn.  She did not attend to Hunter at all as she is young and doesn't know what she should do.  Hunter did not have a chance at survival if he stayed with his mom so he was brought to me.  He is my littlest baby ever!  I was shocked when I weighed him on Thursday and he was only 62g.  Babies are about 100g when they are born so he was incredibly small.  He is a strong boy and moves around a lot in his cage.  He is eating better and better.  First weigh in was 70g which I was happy with.  I get up during the night to feed him and give him the best chance I can to survive.  He is eating strong enough that his ears wiggle when he is drinking.  He had his first poop (1/8") this morning so everything is working.  I hold him for about 30 minutes after I feed him so he knows he is not alone. This is important for babies to give them a will to live.  The pictures were taken this morning at 2 days old.  Day by day and we will do it together.