Sunday, December 29, 2013

Life is Quiet

     After the fast pace of the summer it is the quiet ending to yet another kitten season.  It is a time for me to rest for the next season and whatever it brings.  It is sad as I do love each baby with my whole heart yet happy as the babies find their forever homes.  Nov 30 all the babies except Nash went to Petsmart.  Jorja (name will be kept), Mandarin and Marmalade all got adopted to their forever homes.  Jayden was adopted and will be staying here until Jan 7th.  So I was left with the 5 boys and Jayden.  It has been fun to watch the growing babies play and develop their own personalities.  On Boxing Day a family adopted Morrison, Maddox and Zodiac.  It is good to see the 3 brothers will get to be brothers forever. It emptied my house drastically in one big moment.  It took a few days to adjust to the big change.  Jayden, Nash and James enjoy playing together and all 3 come and sleep on my bed during the night.  Jayden still likes to go for her morning nap back to my bed where the boys sleep in the livingroom showing their different preferences.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Nash and Jayden

Jayden and Nash were sleeping in the most favorite of all cat beds (funny but it was in the dog bed section of Petsmart).  They look so comfortable and happy as they are catching a nap though Nash must me more comfortable than he looks in the pictures.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Well, my house is very quiet and I will have to get used to it.  Marmalade, Mandarin, Maddox, Maddison, James, Jorja and Zodiac went to Petsmart this afternoon.  They settled in very quickly and were comfortable "at camp".  I tell them they are going to camp when they go to Petsmart.  Jorja got adopted this afternoon and her new owners will be keeping her name.  She will have a big dog for a companion.
     Jayden and Nash are hanging together since the others are gone for a while or for ever.  I caught them sleeping on the back of my couch and burst out laughing when I saw how they were sleeping.  They are so cute and I love watching them.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Waiting for the Work to Begin Today

My three little helpers fell asleep in the bathroom waiting for the contractor to come and start work today.  Yes, could be a long day off trying to keep them out from under foot.  I would like to not have to lock them in the bedroom today as I am home and they will be in the bedroom all Thursday and Friday.  They love the bedroom though and think of it as a nice playground so it really is not a hardship for them. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Too Soon...............

Too soon my babies will be going to their forever homes.  They make me smile many times each and every day.  They have discovered my bedroom as you can see.  One night I crawled into bed and had 8 warm babies waiting for me (Jorja was in her favorite spot on the scratching post, top scoop).  They are very busy babies doing normal kitten things.  Zodiac is fitting right in.  It is hard to believe he was only 3 days old when he came here--look at him now.
     I got a call on Sunday from Sheelagh..  She had rescued Jamieson in 2011 and brought him to me when he was 3 days old.  Then she adopted him.  Her other cat was recently lost to cancer so she needs a friend for Jamieson.  She is coming to see my 9 babies.  I couldn't be happier if she falls in love with any of my babies.  A baby would be very lucky to go and live with Jamieson and his family.  Jamieson turned out to be over 16 pounds--not bad for a baby who started out on a bottle so very young.
     All the babies go to the vet tomorrow.  It looks like Nash (the youngest baby) may be the only one too small to go to Petsmart on Saturday.  My world will be very lonely and quiet when they go to Petsmart.  The time is coming too soon.
     I swept the floor this morning to get ready for my contractor to come and gut my bathroom.  I went to get the dustpan and I found it was occupied.  Of course I could not disturb them as they looked too comfy.  This was my first smile of the day.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Babies Are Growing

No two years are the same with babies.  You see new stuff and are surprised because you think you have seen it all.  The combinations of babies is always different.  Right now it is unique because I have 4 sets of babies taken in and the 9 babies were born on Sept 11, 19, 22 and 26 so are virtually all at the same stage.  They are playing a lot and in all areas of the house.  When they are small they tend to stay together.  So these babies will all be available for forever homes at the same time.  They go to the vet in 8 days in 2 appointments for their microchipping, vaccination and feline leukemia testing.  Then those at 800g will be able to go to Petsmart on Saturday.  Yesterday their weights were 588g, 708, 898, 664, 728, 930, 704, 856 and 762g.  With 8 more days to eat and grow most if not all will be going to Petsmart.  When Zodiac arrived at 3 days old I felt sorry for him because he was the only little one and it was nearing the end of the season.  Then 9 siblings arrived and he got to be a normal boy and learn to play with his brothers and sisters.
     Jorja and James went to the vet as they had eye infections that polysporin was not fixing.  They got a new ointment and their eyes cleared up.  Last night I couldn't find James.  I looked in the usual kitten hiding places but no boy.  I listened for an indication of where he was stuck but these 9 babies do not make a lot of noise so I knew he would not be screaming for me to find him as Keelan did when she got stuck a few times.  I thought perhaps he had found a new warm place to sleep so I went to bed.  It was a mistake because I did not sleep well and every time I woke up I would go and look for him.  I was hoping to have the usual head count of 9 at breakfast.  Alas, there were only 8.  Now I was a little frantic as I needed to find James.  I watched the other 8 as they are great helpers in finding a misplaced sibling.  Jorja was sticking her paw under my closet door.  I opened it and there was a sleepy James.  I had looked in the closet so he must have been tucked away in a great spot for a nap.  So all accounted for and me with a few more gray hairs.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Long Overdue Update

There just never seems to be enough time.  These are pictures of Jayden, Maddox, Morrison, Zodiac, Mandarin, Nash, James, Jorja, Marmalade (formerly Morgana, long story, name needed to be changed). The pictures of the babies in the cat beds are not the same, can you figure out the difference?  As you can see the tall scoop scratching post has been discovered.  Yes, this is a big indication that they are bigger now.  I have placed blankets on the floor so they will be protected until they really figure out the post.  They had a great time playing on it this morning though Jayden was happy to be catching a nap on the top scoop.
     Nash arrived a week after the "M" babies.  He was a quiet happy little boy who has turned into a mama's boy (has to fight Morrison and Mandarin for mama' boy or girl title).  He enjoys his food and constantly needs his face and feet washed.  He has fit right in to the family.
     All have been off the bottle for 2 weeks which just changes constant bottle washing, formula making, keeping the two different formulas separate (M kittens came in on goats milk so I was mixing it half and half with kitten formula and not wanting to change formula on Zodiac meant that I had to keep different formulas to feed with) for dozens of cans of canned food.  I had to watch very carefully that every baby got enough to eat.  For a while I was giving them canned food then finishing off with formula so they were getting enough to eat.
     The dark calico was starting to show signs of trouble on Friday Nov 1.  She got started on antibiotics that evening in an attempt to ward off what was happening.  Saturday morning I gave her fluids and again in the afternoon.  I was running my tub for an evening bath and as usual I checked on the babies.  Molly (gave her a M name so she could at least have a name) was in trouble when I touched her even though she looked like she was sleeping.  Her pupils were large.  I let the tub down as I knew I would not be having a bath any time that night.  I got the bag of split peas and heated it up and put it in a tiny cat bed.  Molly was put in the bed and I took her to my bed so I could cover her up as I lay beside her and she could be toasty warm.  I rubbed her paws, nose, ears and talked a lot to her so she would know she was loved and have a will to live.  She died 2 hours later.  I checked with the vet a few days later and she said the eyes were an indication of what was to come and that there was no changing the path we were on.
     A few of the babies were struggling with something which I think was just a bacteria as their immune system is not as strong as babies who had their real mom.  I was constantly worried and watching them.  I had to force feed Jayden for 3 days.  He is such a sweet little boy and is deep in my heart.  I would not give up on him though the worry was very draining.  Force feeding also takes a long time as you can only feed little bits at a time.  He got through this and is now gaining weight at a good rate so I don't have to worry about him any more.
     The calico babies were to go back to their owner.  Since Molly died Morgana was to go with the other calico.  When I discovered that these tiny kittens (once weaned so were due to be returned to their owner) were going to an outside life with no heat source, just insulated boxes in a garage (would be good for a cat who was big and used to an outside life not the comfy warm life of inside life) the owner was contacted.  She agreed to let them stay in the Street Cat system.  She is a kind lady who did the right thing for these babies.  I was sad for the babies when I knew where they would immediately be living but overjoyed when I found out they would have a good rest of their life. 
     Jorja and James are dealing with an eye infection which is getting better.  The 9 babies are so much fun to watch as they are playing a lot and starting to sleep in different places which shows they are indeed growing up.  They are all healthy and happy and we are in a good place right now--just watching and waiting for them to grow big enough for their forever homes.
     Early this morning I had a kitten who was wanting loving.  Of course they got it.  I was convinced it was Nash as so far only Nash and Mandarin have found me in bed.  I was talking to Nash and decided to turn on the light to confirm.  It was Mandarin!  I am usually pretty good about telling them apart even in the dark but not this time.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Looking For a New Rhythm

My family is growing at a rapid pace the last 3 weeks.  These are my 5 new additions.  The two calico girls will be going back to their owner when they are off the bottle.  Morgana is the orange and white baby girl with the swirly tabby markings.  Morrison is the orange tabby with the fine markings.  Maddox is the black and white boy who looks a lot like Asia.  They drank 3 bottles in the first feed I gave them.  Now I have 6 babies on the bottle so a new routine will hopefully happen soon.  They have been quiet since they had their big feed.  Their mom was probably taken by a coyote so I get to me their new mom.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Sharing Happy Times With My Babies

I was watching t.v. last night and looked up.  I saw Jorja and James playing with the ring.  I ran for the camera and hoped they would stay that way until I could get a few pictures.  They were really enjoying each other and the ring.  Jayden was playing with toys on the floor  (you can see all the toys by the ring.  This is their play area and they go there when they get up from their naps so they can play.  What luck to get pictures of them playing so nicely.  This morning Jayden insists on being on my lap so wherever I go he gets carried then put on my lap when I sit.  He is indeed a mama's boy.
     Zodiac is growing up.  This morning I fed him then put him in the litter box.  He started digging then very horizontally peed.  Soon he will be going in the box on his own.  He is only 3 weeks old and such a smart boy already.  When I went to get him so I could feed him this morning I sat on the bed by the cage.  Although it hasn't been a whole day that he has graduated to the big cage he knew to come over to the side door so he could be picked up and fed.  He catches on so fast to a new routine.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Here Are James, Jayden and Jorja

James, Jayden and Jorja are good babies.  They gained huge amounts the first day they were here as they were really enjoying their bottles.  Now they are getting switched to canned food so weight gain is smaller but that is what I expect.  They are playing and fun to watch as they scamper in the livingroom.  They play for a short while then all go into their bed to catch a nap.  Jayden is another mama's boy.  He loves, loves his mama and can't get enough of her.
     Zodiac is 3 weeks old today.  He was exactly 300g this morning and still a little butterball.  He got moved into the 2' x 4" cage which has a litter box.  It won't be long before he uses the litterbox.  He is a good boy and enjoys the occasional short walk time in the livingroom so he can get his legs under him and have a change of scenery.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


The first 4 pictures are how I found Asia and Aster sleeping then Austin joined in.  Then pictures of Asia, Aster and Austin.  No pictures today of Tricket because she left for her forever home.  The goodbyes begin again.  Tricket arrived here July 29 and has a firm spot in my heart.  Asia, Austin and Aster are now up for adoption.
     My precious little baby girl who arrived on Saturday died Monday night around 7 pm.  I asked my vet on Wed about what more could have been done for her.  I had given her subcutaneous fluids, probiotics and white corn syrup picking everything that I could think that would help.  Because they were hypothermic she said that my good care enabled them to survive a few days but the organs had started to shut down when they were so very cold.  The little girl purred for me on Monday so I know she felt loved and was saying thank you.  I felt empty after both were gone as I had given everything I had into trying to save them but am glad for the short time I had with them.
     Zodiac is growing so much.  He was 264g tonight.  He is bright and alert and likes to walk around on the floor for short periods of time.  He drank half a bottle tonight.  I am so glad when I see good appetites.  He is 18 days old today. 
     Yesterday at noon before I went to work I received 3 more little babies.  They are about 4 weeks old.  I was surprised that they weighed 312g, 312g and 354g when I weighed them yesterday.  They are very fluffy kittens so seemed bigger than their weights showed.  They took a bottle readily which is a sigh of relief as 4 week old kittens are usually in the in between stage of too young to eat canned food well enough to have a full meal and too old to know how to take a bottle.  They are drinking lots of milk and this afternoon ate a plate of canned food.  Pictures of them soon once names are decided on.  They are learning the ropes of living in my house and know my voice already.