Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kolton, Kimo, Kenna and Keelan update

Finally an update on these adorable 4 babies.  The pictures are two each of the four babies in the order of the post title.  They are doing fantastic!  They are walking on their legs now and require a few little baths.  On Thursday or Friday since I have the days off I will try putting them in the bigger 2' x 4' cage where they can have a litter box, heated bed, water dish and more room to move around in and grow.  They are happy babies, eating well and gaining weight.  They weigh in order of the pictures 242g, 208g, 208g and 210g.  They are growing up and settle right back for a nap after they get their bottle. 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Kenna, Keelan, Kimo and Kolton

I am so pleased with the babies.  They are eating more than ever and no longer feel lighter than they look when I pick them up. All their eyes are open.  They eat lots and sleep a lot which is what should be happening.  They no longer cry unless they are the one waiting their turn for the bottle.  They are all purring when I love them up after they have eaten.  They are gaining weight in the range they should be.  Even the little grayish female (Kenna) is eating a lot.  Keelan is the black/white/gray female.  Kimo is the white male with gray and black.  Kolton is the big black/gray boy with white on his nose.  Their eyes are all open fully.  They are still enjoying the heat lamp.

Honey, Harvard and Houston are growing and solid babies.  They are happy and perfect in every way.  Someone is coming to look at Houston this morning.  All are growing and gaining weight.  They will be up for adoption soon.  They have been a lot of fun to watch while they play.  Houston is still a mama's boy.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sigh of Relief

     The four littlest babies are gaining weight!  They gained 12g, 8g, 8g and 8g which makes me happy.  They are eating better.  The little one with the most white will be getting a face wash tonight as it has some funny brown stuff smeared all over the face.  First bath!  They are sleeping like baby kittens not newborn kittens.  They are doing great.  One more day closer to stability.

Updates galore

     Well, everyone is doing well.  I will start with the littlest ones whose names will start with "K" when I get a chance tonight to pick some.  The four little ones are doing well though not gaining weight as I would like to see.  Two were not eating that well Monday night.  But they are all eating well now.  Seems they like their milk a little warmer than usual. The little grayish one is eating much, much better.  I came home from work during my supper break to give them their bottle. Plus I got up just before 2 am to give them another feeding.  They enjoyed it a lot which made getting up worth it.  This morning I was feeding the grayish one when I saw a little spider running on the blanket.  I squeezed it between the blanket and it kept running.  No........it was a tick and I hate, hate ticks.  So I kept it squeezed between the blanket and obliterated it with a pair of pliers (with kitchen renovations my hammer was not right where I thought it should be).  I have checked the babies quickly and at next feed I will use a flashlight and check in their little ears.  Little kittens, little tick.  Hard to find something so tiny but I have to look.  I can tell they are feeling good because now they settle down for a sleep after I feed them instead of being unsettled and crying for a while after a feeding. One day at a time.
     Daxia is doing well.  She is officially off the bottle if her weight is good again after being off the bottle today which would be the second day in a row.  She is going to the vet on Friday for her vaccination and microchipping.  Soon I will have to say goodbye if she checks out well at the vet.  That is a hard part of my job.
     Honey and Harvard gained weight yesterday, their first day without a bottle.  If they still gain today they will officially be off the bottle.  Houston held his own for weight so got another bottle this morning.  I never rush them off the bottle, no need to risk them by being impatient.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy

Three pictures each of my 4 new little bits who arrived on Sunday. They are a week old and doing well.  Their mom was found dead beside them when the greenhouse damaged by all the snow this winter collapsed and killed her.  As usual we are all settling into a new routine.  I had expected frequent feedings as the babies adjusted to living here.  They all took the bottle easily so one problem averted.  They were very noisy yesterday which is a good sign as they are strong.  They settled well for the night though I went to bed late and got up around 5 to look after them.  They weighed 148g, 158g, 202g and 144g.  All are looking strong and weigh in time tonight will tell me more how they are doing.  At this point one day at a time but I am not worried about any of them at this time.  They are enjoying being under the heat lamp--must be like being on a beach in a hot country.
     The "H" babies are named.  The girl is Honey and the boys are Houston and Harvard with Houson being the smaller one.  They are doing well and have settled into the house routine.  They are nibbling at canned food, really like the hard kitten food and still enjoy their bottles.  Houston is still a mama's boy and wants the most loving.  Houston seemed to know this morning that my heart is huge as it grows larger as it fills with more and more love so each baby gets as much love as they need.
     Daxia is playing with the "H" babies now so has forgiven them for intruding on her turf.  She weighs 752g.  She knows her name and comes running when I call her.  Right now she is curled up on my lap as I am updating my blog.  The black hair on her back is turning a whitish gray.  Not sure what color she will end up being as I haven't seen a kitten turn color like this before.
     Life is busy as I am getting the new babies settled in and getting my yard beat into shape. Somehow all gets done one way or another.  Glad I have another day off.

Monday, May 13, 2013

New Family Update

Daxia thinks she is a big girl.  She ate yesterday morning then went to take a nap on my pillow.  She does her own thing but all things are what big kittens would do.  She is a big kitten in a little body.  She has grown to like (waiting for the love) her new 3 little siblings.  She doesn't carry on when she is on my lap with them.  She still likes the odd bottle still.
     The new "H" babies are doing fantastic.  They have been gaining a lot of weight since I got them.  They have different personalities.  The littlest boy is a mamma's boy and needs the most love time.  He comes and sits on my foot so I will notice him and pick him up.  The girl and bigger boy are explorers.  The girl is a quieter baby.  They really enjoy their bottles.  They are not very interested in canned food but are enjoying the Royal Canin kitten hard food.  They like to nibble from the dish quite often during the day. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

3 More Bits Have Arrived

My three new "H" four week old babies were kneading and enjoying their warm bed after their second breakfast this morning.  Two boys and a girl so I have 2 girls and 2 boy little babies.  Daxia is a little bratling.  She is very, very put out with the new additions.  Not what I expected with my sweet loving little girl.  She growls and hisses and carries on.  I can see bonding will take a little longer than normal.  The "H" babies are settling in very well and slept through the night.  They like to explore the house.  They are easy babies because they are all drinking easily from the bottle and a few nibbles at canned food.  They purr all the time and are happy little ones.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Daxia Is Growing Up

Daxia is growing up.  She is almost 600g now and almost double when I got her.  Her personal motto is "No fear".  She is not afraid of anything and does not hesitate to jump in wherever catches her fancy.  She is getting a good washing by Boston on the top scoop of the 5 foot tall scratching condo which is her favorite spot. She enjoyed every minute of it.  She purrs all the time and comes to me so she can sit on my lap or be held by my shoulder.  She is eating canned food and only has an occasional bottle.  Yesterday she did not want canned so was excited to get a bottle when I got home from work.  Her nick name is Little Bit but it will not fit for long.  She is very smart and pudgy.  She won't be a tiny baby much longer and too soon she will be in her forever home.