Monday, March 28, 2011

Nugget and Nox

Here is Nugget (gray) and Nox (black).  They are settling in well.  Yesterday Nugget was not happy with the other cats and was very vocal about her unhappiness.  I was worried that meeting Maggie today would be stressful too but she didn't mind Maggie at all and even curled up right by Maggie's tummy.  Nox is a unique character already.  He does his own thing when he wants to.  He is a easy going little boy.  All 4 kittens had small weight gains today but I won't worry.  Note to self--feed Jamieson then make him pee and poop.  I fed him then went to give his bottom a bath.  I ended up with a pee spot on my tummy as I ran the water and poop happening during the bath.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Welcome to the two "N"'s

Two new additions tonight.  They are the same size as Lacey so will fit right in.  I will keep them separate until we find out on Monday what their mom died from.  I want them to be together but not if it risks Lacey and Jamieson.  A new routine to get everyone used to.  The fluffy gray is a girl and the fluffy black is a male.  Name picking time again! They ate canned food very well so only 2 on the bottle which makes things easier too. Jersey got adopted today and will leave next weekend.  I will, gulp, take her to get fixed on Wed so she can recover at home.  Baby season is back--so many changes and things to keep track of.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Jamieson is growin fast.  I had to call the vet on Saturday and got permission to put him on antibiotics.  He was off his food and had diarrhea.  His appetite is huge now!  He is gaining weight big time now--he gained 24g and 28g the last 2 days which is more than the desired 10g.  His eyes are open, he looks like a kitten now.  He is walking on his legs much better.  Yesterday I moved him out from under the heat lamp and into the big cage with Lacey bypassing the middle cage as he has company in the big cage.  The two are bonding and now sleep side by side becoming a family.
.   .   .   .Lacey is growing too.  She is gaining weight in leaps and bounds too.  When she is put on the livingroom floor she will now walk into the kitchen as she explores her world.  She seems to like the company of Jamieson too and is a gentle big sister.

Friday, March 18, 2011

I welcomed Lacey yesterday.  She is about 4 weeks old and absolutely adorable.  She is very fluffy with thick hair.  She was found in an apartment building in a box that said "free kitty".  She is too young to eat canned food and eagerly took a bottle. I shudder to think what her outcome would have been if she had not been so lucky to be found by someone. She weighed 296g yesterday and 310g today so appears to be enjoying her new life.  She is a baby who accepts whatever heads her way.
.    .    .    . Jamieson is doing better today.  For the last 36 hours he seemed to have been a little off.  He held his own for weight yesterday and lost a bit today.  He usually likes to eat no sooner than 4 hours but when he was unsettled tonight he drank more formula even though it was only 2 hours since his supper.  He has his eyes open and looks like such a cute little boy.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Jamieson Mar 12/11

I am so very proud of my boy.  He is growing, growing, growing.  He is still a perfect baby.  He loves to purr and be held.  He is getting up on his feet to walk now.  I had opened his cage and went to warm his bottle (9 seconds) and he was already out of the cage walking on the lid.  Yes, he is going to be a handful.  His eyes still aren't open though I can see the corner of one eye opening on his black eye.  Maybe tomorrow they will be mostly open and I anticipate Monday they will be fully open.  Because it is taking longer for his eyes to open I think he will be longer haired as longer haired kittens open their eyes later.  He is a great baby.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

double heartache

Jelly Bean and Julia have been struggling for 2 days.  I spent hours dropperfeeding them, holding them, laying on the couch with them.  They did not gain any weight since they came nor did they lose weight.  I tried so very hard but love alone cannot do it every time.  This morning at 1:40 Julia was gone.  Then at 6:30  am Jelly Bean was not great and at lunch time she was gone.  But.......Jamieson has been gaining weight like crazy, is a big boy, healthy, solid and very busy.  He will be spoiled rotten as I will be holding him a lot just so he doesn't feel lonely.  My heart will heal.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Jersey and the J babies

Jersey is my last baby from last season.  She decided today to jump into the baby's small cage.  She started washing them and they so enjoyed it!  She gave them all a good scrubbing.  She is mothering the babies as well as a real mother as she is just a baby herself still.  I am hoping this will help Jelly Bean become stronger.  She is still holding her own and extra loving is never a bad thing.  You think you have seen it all and yet again another new heartwarming moment happens.

"J" baby update

I have changed their birthday to Mar 1 as they were bigger, moved around more and their eyes are beginning to have some definition.  It is as usual very interesting and lots of watching.  I look around my living room and see a pile of blankets, a roll of toilet paper (to make them pee and poop) and a scale.  Yes, babies are back in my house.  Jamieson is being a perfect kitten.  He his weight has been -2g, +12g, and + 10g.  You always want a weight gain of about 10g.  He has been pooping with little effort on my part.  Julia is doing fine though I wish her weight would increase a bit more rapidly:+4g, -2g, +8g.  She is pooping well and eating well.  It is Jelly Bean I am keeping an eye on.  She was a little quieter than usual yesterday and only wanted to suck a few sucks.  Later in the day she started having milk come out of her nose when she was drinking. This is a concern because you don't want milk in their lungs.  I would hold her at an angle and gently tap her back.  Her weight is holding:-2g, +2g and -2 g.  I try not to worry but worry is a big part of my job.  I went to check on her when I came home from work before I could do anything else so I would know exactly what was going on.  She seemed a little brighter and looking better.  I keep reminding myself that I had a kitten last summer that had milk come out his nose for a couple of days then was better and never did it again.  But..........I still worry.  I got up at 2:30 to feed them and was happy to see all were the same as when I went to bed.  So every day counts.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Jamieson, Jelly Bean and Julia


The season has begun.  Jamieson, Jelly Bean and Julia arrived yesterday.  They were born on March 1/11 so are newborns.  Jamieson is the black and white male, Julia is the orange tabby female and Jelly Bean is the torti with the bean like spot on her head.  They are eating well and are very strong babies.  I am getting used to a new routine.  It is all good right now as I am not worried about any of them right now.  I pulled the formula out of the freezer, organized my piles of blankets, got a bottle ready, got out a roll of toilet paper and plugged in the heat lamp.  I am ready......Julia purred for me this morning and it is one of the best gifts I can be given.  I love the start of a new season.  I am filled with hope. 
I have not had to deal with the heartbreak of losing a baby yet this season nor the mixed emotions of saying goodbye when they find their forever home.  I have only had the joy of loving the babies and not the panic of having a baby in trouble where nothing else matters until the baby is fine again.  Yes, this is the best time of a baby season.