Friday, March 18, 2011

I welcomed Lacey yesterday.  She is about 4 weeks old and absolutely adorable.  She is very fluffy with thick hair.  She was found in an apartment building in a box that said "free kitty".  She is too young to eat canned food and eagerly took a bottle. I shudder to think what her outcome would have been if she had not been so lucky to be found by someone. She weighed 296g yesterday and 310g today so appears to be enjoying her new life.  She is a baby who accepts whatever heads her way.
.    .    .    . Jamieson is doing better today.  For the last 36 hours he seemed to have been a little off.  He held his own for weight yesterday and lost a bit today.  He usually likes to eat no sooner than 4 hours but when he was unsettled tonight he drank more formula even though it was only 2 hours since his supper.  He has his eyes open and looks like such a cute little boy.

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  1. Seeing as my name is Lacey too thought had better welcome this lucky kitty to Chez Donna! It is hard to see but the kitty shown as my profile identity is my own kitty Jayjay. Good luck with Lacey. And all others of course!