Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hiccup is 8 Weeks Old--Where Has the Time Gone?

Soon Hiccup will go to his forever home.  He is such a big boy and knows his name.  He loves, loves his bed in the living room, that is his happy place.  He is a smart boy and comes running when I call him.  It is hard to believe he was just 152g when he came and now he is just over 700g.  How much he has changed!  He has been loved during our time together here as he grew, learned, loved and discovered.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hiccup is 7 Weeks Old

Hiccup has been exploring the house.  He no longer as of yesterday will be in the cage.  He is comfortable running around the house.  Last night he slept in his little cat bed on the floor by my bed.  He is getting to know my routine.  A few days ago he was at the top step in the landing looking down.  I told him to not come down unless he was sure he could get up.  I ran downstairs with something and when I came up there he was on the top step.  I let him try to get back up into the kitchen.  His little feet could not grip the tile floor nor were his legs long enough to boost him up enough so he could get back up.  After a couple of minutes I lifted him back up and told him to not do that again and being a good boy he hasn't.  He sure loves his canned food now.  What a big, big boy.
     Daffodil had her intestine surgery on Thursday.  She was booked to spend the night and for me to pick her up Friday after work.  They called when she woke up after the surgery and said it went to well that she could be picked up that afternoon.  When they straightened her intestine the blood started flowing to it immediately. There was no dead tissue so a resection was not required.  The intestine started pulsating as it should and thus Daffodil was able to come home.  Her recovery has been perfect and besides being quiet for the first 24 hours she is back to her old self.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Hiccup is Growing Up at Lightening Speed

My how Hiccup has changed in a week.  It is hard to believe he is 6 weeks old now.  Last Sunday I put him on the floor in the bedroom where his cage is so he could get some exercise walking down the hallway.  My routine in the morning is to get Hiccup out of his cage, go to the kitchen turn on the coffee maker, fill Daffodil's plate so she can have breakfast while I warm up Hiccup's bottle.  I warmed the bottle up and turned around and there was Hiccup eating with Daffodil, just like that!  By Thursday he had become good at eating canned food and no longer wants a bottle when offered to him.  So he is now officially off the bottle (no more bottles to wash, formula to make or rushing home to feed during my 30 minute lunch or supper break).  He is comfortable walking/running through the house now.  He has been constipated with pasty thick stools so has had to have 2 or 3 bum washes in a day as it stuck to his tail.  I started him on a few drops of mineral oil yesterday for 2 doses and increased it to 0.3 ml as nothing much was changing.  Today he had two little logs and is more comfortable.  One more day of mineral oil and I will stop and see how he makes out.
     These are the first pictures with my new camera.  I was tired of taking pictures (just took 56 of Hiccup) and having to crop each picture because of the little moon shadow in the bottom corner.  Nikon said this was normal (really?).  It takes a lot of time to just get the pictures let alone having to edit them.  My new camera made me smile as I could remove the blurry or not good pictures and not have to then edit all of the remaining pictures.  Already a gift of time to me.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Hiccup 5 Weeks Old!

Hiccup is walking easily now.  Soon he will be playing with toys.  The family interested in Hiccup are coming tomorrow to see him.  Too soon he will be leaving to go to his new home.  He likes to walk around the house a lot more and always finds his way back to the fuzzy bed.