Friday, July 19, 2013

Mini Updates

     I called the vet clinic Thursday morning to confirm I could pick the baby up later in the afternoon.  I was put through to someone who said the baby had eaten a few crunchies and was looking good.  While she was holding her not long before I called she died in her arms.  My heart hurts because I just wanted the baby to hold and love and make purr and have some happiness after a life not filled with much to be happy about.  I miss her and I never even saw her.
     Kolton and Raleigh went to their forever homes today.  I picked up Kimo and Keelan after work.  Someone is coming to see Kimo tonight and if she likes him will adopt him tomorrow and pick him up after I get off work tomorrow.   I knew this time was coming but I still wasn't 100% ready for it.
     I got the necropsy results back from poor little Kenna who died in June.  She had tissue damage and dead tissue in her liver and around her liver.  So she probably was injured when the greenhouse collapsed and killed her mom.  The outcome was on a set path and could not have been changed.  The last few days of Kenna's life I spent a lot of time with her.  She still liked to rub noses and faces and purred a lot.  So her very short life was filled with love.  Poor little Kenna

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Quick Update

     My house is very quiet with Raleigh, Keelan, Kimo and Kolton at Petsmart.  Raleigh is being adopted on Friday so she will be going to her forever home.  It is hard to think the tiny "K" kittens are big enough to be up for adoption.
     If all goes well I will get my new little "K" baby tomorrow afternoon.  I can hardly wait to get my hands on that poor little girl and love her with all my heart.  She is about 4 weeks old and is at the vet's right now.  She was found in a garbage bin in a bag with 3 siblings yesterday. Unfortunately the 3 siblings were already dead.  The little girl was dehydrated and very underweight.  The vet's office reports that she is now making noises and is looking perky today.  She has gone through so much and all I want to do is love her with all my heart.  It may be a slow process to bring her back to normal weight.  I want her to know she will be loved for the rest of her life.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bits About My Little Gang and lots of pictures


My little ones give me great joy every day.  They are at the best age to be the most fun.  The first picture is of Kimo (his first time on the scratching post).  Note the ever present brown color on his white fur from cat food.  He is not the tidiest eater even at this point.  The second picture is Raleigh.  Then Raleigh and Kimo in the watering can which they thought was the best ever place to sleep.
     This morning I was noticing Kimo was actually not crispy from cat food and actually had clean (mostly) fur.  I thought finally he can be a clean, white  and black kitten.  Then I saw why he is clean.  Boston seems determined to get rid of the brown discoloration.  He got a big long bath and is looking better and better.
     Today all the babies were on the scratching post.  This is a big step showing they are indeed getting to be big babies.  Now to make sure they know how to get down.  No, had to stop for a second to show Kolton again how to get down as he was up from his nap and crying on the top scoop.  Yes, I will keep the pillows on the floor around the scratching post.  Big but not that big of baby yet.