Friday, July 19, 2013

Mini Updates

     I called the vet clinic Thursday morning to confirm I could pick the baby up later in the afternoon.  I was put through to someone who said the baby had eaten a few crunchies and was looking good.  While she was holding her not long before I called she died in her arms.  My heart hurts because I just wanted the baby to hold and love and make purr and have some happiness after a life not filled with much to be happy about.  I miss her and I never even saw her.
     Kolton and Raleigh went to their forever homes today.  I picked up Kimo and Keelan after work.  Someone is coming to see Kimo tonight and if she likes him will adopt him tomorrow and pick him up after I get off work tomorrow.   I knew this time was coming but I still wasn't 100% ready for it.
     I got the necropsy results back from poor little Kenna who died in June.  She had tissue damage and dead tissue in her liver and around her liver.  So she probably was injured when the greenhouse collapsed and killed her mom.  The outcome was on a set path and could not have been changed.  The last few days of Kenna's life I spent a lot of time with her.  She still liked to rub noses and faces and purred a lot.  So her very short life was filled with love.  Poor little Kenna

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