Sunday, July 29, 2012

Life Today

Life is good today.  The 7 littlest ones are growing up.  Pekko and Paisley are eating canned food now so it won't be long before no bottles for them.  The other 5 should start eating pretty soon.  Then the bottle stage will be over.  Bottle feeding brings a peaceful feeling over me when everyone is eating well though it takes an incredible amount of time.  They are getting bored in the cage so get run around time in the house as often as possible.  Today Paisley came and found me in my bedroom as I was doing something.  Yes, they are growing up.  They are not grown yet as they still need their nap after they have their bottles.  Even though run around time is offered to them they all one by one by one went to the bed where Gardenia and Georgia were sleeping and curled up for their nap with the girls.  They are all gaining weight well now.  I was stressed for a few days as the vet formula was unavailable and this new store stuff is more difficult to work with and I don't think as good of a formula of course.  But we got through this bump and everyone is fine.  I was concerned about Pekko as he had a few huge pukes when the formula was more store formula than 50/50 with the vet formula.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Note To Self

     Note to self:  Refresh memory on how to do things with 15 baby kittens running around.  The littlest 7 are no longer happy to eat and go back to the big cage to sleep.  "We are bored mom" is what they say to me.  So I let them run around and learn how to be "big" kittens.  Combine them with the 7 big kittens running around (Dahlia got adopted yesterday so only 7 big kittens left) and it is very challenging to even walk around.  I have been trying to mop the floor and it takes so much longer.  Plus trying to keep an eye on the littlest ones is added on to the job.  They are starting to play with the bigger ones so I am reminding the big ones that they are just little babies and to play gently.  If I opt to wait to get the cleaning done it won't get done.  I am very much a morning person and run out of steam after working an 8 hour day (and during my 30 minute lunch break managed to go to the vet to pick up my 15 year old cat Wink who had dental surgery done today, get him home and settled, quickly feed the 7 littlest babies and get myself back to work until 5. Came home and fed the big ones and bottle fed the little ones and made my supper.  Energy is sometimes a faint memory.  But all are happy and healthy and running around and that is all that counts as no energy is spent on worrying about a baby or babies.  So a nice warm bath after getting some housework done will be a great reward after getting the 7 littles ones fed and tucked into their bed for the night.  There is something to be said for silence and babies sleeping.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sad But Not Unexpected Update

     I had so truly hoped for another miracle like with Onyx.  Now I realize even more what a miracle he was and what a long shot that he survived.  Last night I fed the babies every 60 to 90 minutes.  It took a long time to get 1 mL of milk into them drop by drop.  I rubbed and rubbed them and made them poop.  The last feed was at 9 p.m. When I went to feed again at 10:15 all 3 were gone.  It was veyr much against the odds but I truly fought hard for them.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

4 Precious Little, Little "W" Babies

I got 4 teenie, tiny little babies during my lunch break.  They are only maybe a day old.  They were kept warm but cooled off after I got them.  When I got home from work one was gone.  But I will hold and rub and feed the remaining babies all evening tonight.  The littlest one is 66g and I have never had a baby that small--usually 80 is the smallest I get.  I am hoping for 3 Onyx miracles (check back in blog for Onyx stories--he is indeed my miracle baby).  I am going to give them colostrum in their milk (only get 1 ml at a time) to see if that provides them with an extra boost.  They are precious babies and I am going to love them every second I can tonight.  Please send your strength for these little babies--I really do want 3 miracle babies.
     I found Gardenia sleeping in the roll of unrolled paper towels.  Yes, they do enjoy their paper towels.

Friday, July 20, 2012


Garrison is just about big enough to go up for adoption.  He is much larger than his sisters as he is 754g and they are 472g and 530g.  So at 800g he will be deemed big enough to find his forever home.  He has become a mama's boy and asks very often to be picked up.  When I do he melts in my arms.  He also loves, loves being brushed (not so his sisters) so no wonder he is a mama's boy.
     Little Pipkin is still quite a character.  After hundreds and hundreds of kittens you begin to think you have seen it all but then something new happens.  Yesterday I was looking at the 7 babies in the big cage.  Pipkin came to the edge of the cage and lay down on his tummy.  He stretched his legs straight out back (kind of looked like a rubber chicken's legs).  I went to look closer as I thought something could be wrong.  No, he lay there and produced two 1"  long perfect logs.  I have never seen a kitten take that position to poop.  Of course it is my personable Pipkin.
     Time to feed the little ones.  They drank 2+1/2 bottles this morning between them.  Their appetites are great and explain why the wonderful weight gains.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


My little sweetheart Nim was gone this morning.  No decision to make.  I enjoyed weeding my garden in the sun yesterday while holding her.  I had her out on my lap sitting on my front deck in the afternoon yesterday so she could get some fresh air and spend time with me.  She stretched her paws out in front of her and purred and purred.  She knew she was loved.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Life as it is Happening

     Ixy and Dakota got adopted from Petsmart this morning.  I took Dahlia and Isabelle to Petsmart so they have a chance at adoption.  Any unadopted babies will come home on Saturday.
     I talked to the vet about Nim.  If she is still declining (sorry had to pause for a second) and makes it through the night she will be put down tomorrow.  I will fight with all I have today.  I am going to take her out in the sunshine while it lasts.  Sunshine sure cures upper respiratory so maybe?  Hard times.

Little Update

     The littlest babies are doing absolutely wonderful!  It was a struggle for a few days as they weren't eating as much as I would have expected and wanted.  But now on the second day of antibiotics for 4 of the babies all are absolutely thriving.  I just weighed them this morning and they are gaining more than average for babies their size.  Even Pierce is eating until he could burst.  It now takes 2 bottles at a feeding which is double from just a few days ago.  No one to worry about here thank goodness.
     I am watching Nim who is having a hard time.  I am determined to have her come through this.  I held her last night for a few hours.  She purred a lot for me which is not usual for her so I know she appreciated the attention.  I still got things done around the house (that stuff never seems to wait, just pile up even when you aren't looking because you are busy).  I am focusing on getting her to eat little bits often and this morning she ate some of the vet kitten development food I have for my 15 year old cat.  It is good to see that she still likes to eat.
     I put out the tunnel for the 5 older babies and they have been enjoying it.  Something different for busy babies who love to play.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pipkin, Patton, Paige, Pecan, Pekko, Paisley, Pierce

Two pictures each of the kittens as listed in the title.  They are growing and changing rapidly.  Now they like to get out of the big cage to walk around.  They are like little ducklings and follow me through the whole house.  Sometimes I leave too quickly for one and they sit and cry until I come back and rescue them.  They are leaving their bed to go to the bathroom so no more toilet paper by the roll and cleaner beds.  This morning I fed all of them and gave baths to them.  After blow drying and brushing they settled back into bed.  I didn't wash Pierce as he is just starting to feel better.  Finally after 2 days of feeding him drop by drop the antibiotics have kicked in and he is drinking happily from the bottle.
     The last picture is of my troublemaker Pipkin.  He has been the troublemaker from the very beginning.  Half an hour ago he was protesting being in the cage which he can climb to the top of and teeter on the top edge if no lid is on.  I told him fine, you can come out.  He walked around a little while then crawled into the bed with Gardenia and Georgia.  He thinks he is a big boy in every way. He is a content baby except when he is loudly talking making his wishes very clear. He has a strong will and is a very loving little boy.

Monday, July 16, 2012

sad news

When I got home from work Nekko was dead curled up in the soft fuzzy blanket I kept on the chair for him as he liked it the best there.  Not totally unexpected but unexpected still too as they were both eating happily though losing a bit of weight. 

"G" Babies

The pictures are two each of Garrison, Georgia and Gardenia.  Yes, Gardenia.  After they all got their bath and blow dry I checked to see if I could confirm Georgia was indeed Georgia. I was astonished to discover that Garrick was a little doll who is now called Gardenia.  No wonder Garrison is much larger that the other two.  You can't count on that 100% but it is likely. Garrison loved being blow dried and then brushed after.  He just couldn't get enough brushing.  Good thing as he is longer haired so will need brushing in the future.
     Amazing what a decent sleep will do for the emotions.  I got up at 5 to feed the babies then knew when I went back to bed that I could sleep as long as I wanted as I don't work until this afternoon.  I slept until 7:45 which is unheard of for me.  I don't want people to think I can't handle the hard times but hard times are part of the package and I want to share my whole experience.  The little gray one (Pierce) is holding his own.  Nim and Nekko are better though their turn for a bum wash. Today is a better day.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


     It has been a hard week.  I had to let 5 of my precious babies go to Petsmart.  It is time for them to find forever homes but it doesn't mean it is easy for me to let them go to Petsmart.  It might very well be the last time I see my little one(s).
     I have been sleep deprived which makes me more emotional too.  Sunday night (or Mon early am) I got up to my little 7 voice symphony at 4 am.  I am certainly not complaining, just stating the fact.  Then Monday night I got up at 5 am.  Then the big storm Tuesday night.  Then the horrible neighbors decided to have an outside noisy part Wednesday night. Friday night I worked until 10 pm.  I came home and had a lot of cleaning and feeding to do.  Nim was "off" and I saw her have a large watery diarrhea.  I lay down on my bed for a few minutes and was ready to doze off at 11:55 when I realized I had to get my bones up and downstairs to get fluids to give her subcutaneous fluids.  There was no choice--kitten's wellbeing over my being bone weary.  I got up at 2 to check on her then was serenaded at 5 am so only got 2 straight hours of sleep in two bits.
     Then this morning Pierce (gray tabby little baby) was in a decline.  I gave him a bit of white corn syrup and forcefed him so I could go to work knowing he had something in his tummy.  Nim and Nekko also lost more weight and I had to give them fluids to compensate.  So every minute I was at work was a long minute filled with worry about my little ones.  My heart was definitely at home.  I was afraid all the way home as to what I would find when I got home.  Nim and Nekko were holding their own.  Pierce was still alive and looking a lot better.  I cried with relief. I so hate the worry part on top of the cleaning and feeding parts.  I feel better about them but have them on my radar to watch closely.  Last night was a decent night's sleep which made me feel a lot better and one more night tonight after a stressful day today will make me less emotional.  A hot bath will help too.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

All is Well

Isabelle, Ixy and Izzy.  They are growing so fast.  They are truly happy to be inside and living the good life.  They are sweet natured babies.  They are unique in their own way yet siblings indeed.
     Patton is my first little gray boy.  He is a polydactyl with cute paws.  Pipkin is the little brown tabby boy.  Pierce is the little gray tabby boy and polydactyl too.  Pecan and Paisley are the siamese cross females.  Both are polydactyl.  Paige and Pekko are the black brother and sister.  I have only had a couple of polydactyl babies over the years so am awed by the four that I have in this litter.  These babies are phenomenal.  They let me sleep last night though the storm woke me up instead so I am running on tired, tired.  They have gained 16, 18, 22, 16, 14 14 and 8 g in the order that I mentioned them above.  They are eating well and are such pudgy adorable babies that I can't get enough of them.
     I must say I am amazed at the wide range of audience I have been seeing who are reading my blog.  This week I have visitors from Canada, Australia, USA, Russia, Austria, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Germany, Netherlands and Turkey.  Hello to all of you.  I am honored that you have read my blog.  I initially thought of my blog as a way to share my stories with many people at the same time and did not think I would have such a wonderful audience.  Thanks.
     I have discovered that I have a very talented kitten or kittens.  While I was at work someone (yet again their lips are sealed--no squealers in this crowd) deleted my whole inbox in my emails.  I found them in the trash bin and had to open many emails to figure out which ones were truly deleted and which ones had to be restored to my inbox.  Thanks to the unnamed "helper"

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Here is a picture of Dakota sleeping half under the couch.  She decided sleeping on the floor was a decent place to sleep.  I am enjoying my second summer of air conditioning and have it set at 24 degrees which isn't cold nor is it hot.  I don't want to go too low so the kittens don't get chilled.
     The seven new little "P" babies are settling in well.  They don't cry unless they are hungry and they have good normal long nap times.  They decided this morning they were hungry at 4 am so I got up to feed them.  I gave each of them hugs and kisses as I certainly didn't mind getting up since they are all strong and healthy and not causing me worry.  Hungry kittens are a good thing even at 4 am.
     On Saturday Denver, Dexter, Dakota, Ixy and Izzy (turns out Izzy is a girl not a boy) are going to Petsmart.  Even with 19 babies I will deeply miss these five kittens as every kitten is an individual and gets their fair share of loving time.
     The "N" babies are now in the big cage in the living room.  They are not scared and are enjoying a change of scenery as once they were feeling better the bathroom became boring.  The littlest one has gone from 334g on Saturday to 438g today and has quite a nice pudgy tummy.  I am grateful they are doing well.
     The little orange "G" kittens are eating and eating and eating.  A bum wash coming up for one very shortly.  The littlest one has started thriving and growing like a weed

Monday, July 9, 2012

Things Are Great

     The new babies are doing well.  Remember, the first 24 hours.  Soon we will be on to day 2 and things will be settled.  They are all eating well from the bottle, a few have goopy eyes but nothing major.  The littlest one has a very shrill voice.  I had to get up after I went to bed to see why he wasn't settling.  A few more sucks of milk seemed to do it.  I noticed at 3 am (they decided they were really hungry then and 7 voices cannot be missed) that one is a polydactyl, a couple have normal feet and the rest have very large and/or long thumbs.  I will take them to the vet today to confirm sex.  My estimation is that all except possibly one are boys.  Boys seem to rule this year so far. I am glad I am off today and may snag an afternoon quick nap.
     The "N" babies are doing much better.  The diarrhea is minimal and they are gaining weight nicely.  In a few days I will move them to the big cage and let them live in the livingroom.
     The other 10 babies are running around and looking awesome.  Today the four "D" babies officially go up for adoption.  It is wonderful in my house right now as all 19 babies are healthy and doing well.  The worrying about a baby really tires me out as they are on my mind every minute.  19 does not seem like a lot when 10 are self sufficient and just being normal kittens.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Good Thing I Have a Day Off Tomorrow

They found the six siblings for my little gray boy.  Names will be chosen on Tuesday.  My little boy won't be lonely any more.  Formula, bottles, toilet paper (to make them pee and poop) and heating their bed will be a big part of my world now.

Life as It Is Today

My sick little girl died during the night.  Not unexpected but still sad.  Her two siblings are doing well espcially the littler black baby.  So now I have 13 babies to watch over and love.
     The other 10 babies were all having a nap or quiet time all over the living room so caught a picture of all of them.  About four should be ready to go to Petsmart next Saturday.
     The little gray boy ate very well today.  I told him this morning that it was starting out to be a hard day with the loss of my little girl so today would be a wonderful time to eat very well and take away something for me to worry about.  He is bored under the heat lamp so I have moved him into the 2' x 1" cage with a heated split pea bag and into the livingroom.  He has been content and very settled with the new change.  He is growing up and at the next stage already.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

"N" babies

I got the three sickly little "N" babies as the vet wanted them with someone who could care for them over the weekend. One had already died but he was the worst off of the four babies.  The one I am worried about is the littler black baby.  It gives mournful little cries which makes my heart cry.  It (can't check if it is a boy or girl yet as the diarrhea has made moving the tail and the back end a bit sore) ate pretty well at the two meals I gave it.  It got some subcutaneous fluids and will get more before I go to bed.  The vet feels it is just poor living before we got the babies and not something contagious which is hopefully the case.  So lots of loving time for the three and hopefully all make it through the night and tomorrow will be another day closer to being better.
     The 10 running around are full of energy when they are all playing.  Probably four will be big enough to go to Petsmart next weekend.  It is hard to think it is that time already but a forever home is the ultimate goal.
     Little gray baby boy is holding his own--not losing nor gaining weight.  His eyes are fully open.  Soon he can move to the 2' x 1' cage with a heated split pea bag and into the livingroom.  That will be the next step to decide on.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Littlest baby update

     I always know the first 24 hours with a new baby or babies is the hardest for me and for them.  My little gray boy took a few sucks of milk when I first got him then would not drink.  I got milk into him drop by drop.  He had diarrhea when I got him from what the people were feeding him so I figured his tummy was not feeling good and once it settled down he would hopefully be a normal kitten.  Today no diarrhea but also no wanting to eat.  Finally tonight he ate when I got home from work and again just now.  So I think he is on the right track.  I love looking at him under the heat lamp as sometimes he looks as if he is on a tropical beach all stretched out and with a smile on his face.  His eyes are just starting to open today so within a few days his eyes will be open and he will look like a different kitten.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Plus 1 more makes 11

My family grows by 1.  He is a cute 7 day old baby whose eyes are becoming defined.  He weighs 188g which is a good, healthy weight.  He drank from the bottle well and is under the heat lamp.  His mom is still out there so he may be a temporary baby (seems to be more than usual this year).
     I included 3 group pictures of the "G" babies taken on June 25.  Georgia was the last one to be finished with a bottle.  They are doing well and playing equally with the other babies.
     Their lips are sealed!  Two days ago I came home and my roll of paper towel was all over the livingroom.  No one is squealing on the others and it seems all for 1 and 1 for all.  Good thing it was close to the end of the roll.