Wednesday, July 11, 2012

All is Well

Isabelle, Ixy and Izzy.  They are growing so fast.  They are truly happy to be inside and living the good life.  They are sweet natured babies.  They are unique in their own way yet siblings indeed.
     Patton is my first little gray boy.  He is a polydactyl with cute paws.  Pipkin is the little brown tabby boy.  Pierce is the little gray tabby boy and polydactyl too.  Pecan and Paisley are the siamese cross females.  Both are polydactyl.  Paige and Pekko are the black brother and sister.  I have only had a couple of polydactyl babies over the years so am awed by the four that I have in this litter.  These babies are phenomenal.  They let me sleep last night though the storm woke me up instead so I am running on tired, tired.  They have gained 16, 18, 22, 16, 14 14 and 8 g in the order that I mentioned them above.  They are eating well and are such pudgy adorable babies that I can't get enough of them.
     I must say I am amazed at the wide range of audience I have been seeing who are reading my blog.  This week I have visitors from Canada, Australia, USA, Russia, Austria, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Germany, Netherlands and Turkey.  Hello to all of you.  I am honored that you have read my blog.  I initially thought of my blog as a way to share my stories with many people at the same time and did not think I would have such a wonderful audience.  Thanks.
     I have discovered that I have a very talented kitten or kittens.  While I was at work someone (yet again their lips are sealed--no squealers in this crowd) deleted my whole inbox in my emails.  I found them in the trash bin and had to open many emails to figure out which ones were truly deleted and which ones had to be restored to my inbox.  Thanks to the unnamed "helper"

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  1. Well, you know what kind of draw modern technology is to kids these days! They just got to get in there and see how it works.