Saturday, July 7, 2012

"N" babies

I got the three sickly little "N" babies as the vet wanted them with someone who could care for them over the weekend. One had already died but he was the worst off of the four babies.  The one I am worried about is the littler black baby.  It gives mournful little cries which makes my heart cry.  It (can't check if it is a boy or girl yet as the diarrhea has made moving the tail and the back end a bit sore) ate pretty well at the two meals I gave it.  It got some subcutaneous fluids and will get more before I go to bed.  The vet feels it is just poor living before we got the babies and not something contagious which is hopefully the case.  So lots of loving time for the three and hopefully all make it through the night and tomorrow will be another day closer to being better.
     The 10 running around are full of energy when they are all playing.  Probably four will be big enough to go to Petsmart next weekend.  It is hard to think it is that time already but a forever home is the ultimate goal.
     Little gray baby boy is holding his own--not losing nor gaining weight.  His eyes are fully open.  Soon he can move to the 2' x 1' cage with a heated split pea bag and into the livingroom.  That will be the next step to decide on.

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