Sunday, July 8, 2012

Life as It Is Today

My sick little girl died during the night.  Not unexpected but still sad.  Her two siblings are doing well espcially the littler black baby.  So now I have 13 babies to watch over and love.
     The other 10 babies were all having a nap or quiet time all over the living room so caught a picture of all of them.  About four should be ready to go to Petsmart next Saturday.
     The little gray boy ate very well today.  I told him this morning that it was starting out to be a hard day with the loss of my little girl so today would be a wonderful time to eat very well and take away something for me to worry about.  He is bored under the heat lamp so I have moved him into the 2' x 1" cage with a heated split pea bag and into the livingroom.  He has been content and very settled with the new change.  He is growing up and at the next stage already.

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