Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hiccup and Daffodil

     Daffodil is a sweetheart indeed. We have finally figured out what is wrong with her and causing her bloating.  She has intussusception which is where the intestine folds back on itself.  She will be having surgery very soon.
     Hiccup is such a wonderful little boy.  He has changed so much.  I couldn't put a post and pictures up last Friday as I didn't have a computer.  It went to be fixed last week Monday and after a week it was decided that I had to buy a new computer. It is a painful process for me to set up a new computer.  I don't have a smart phone nor a lap top so I have been cut off from the email/internet world for 8 days.  Back to Hiccup--he has grown a lot.  He was 510 g yesterday. He now walks quite well on his legs and has started using the litter box.  He wanders through the house as he explores his larger world. He drinks a lot of formula which shows in his growth.  Someone is already interested in him so he will be a lucky boy as soon as he is available for his forever home.
     I think occasionally that I have seen it all in the kitten world. No, there are still new things to explore.  Sunday morning around 3:30 I woke up.  When I went to the bathroom I saw Hiccup's heat lamp was off.  I was giving myself heck for not having a spare bulb. His cage was cold so I went to warm up his split pea bag in the microwave. I discovered the power was off. So I took Hiccup to bed with me so he could have my body heat. He was a very, very wiggly baby.  He was scratching my face with his little claws.  I held down the top of the comforter so he would get toasty warm and settle down to sleep.  Not to be.  He crawled down to my feet so I retrieved him.  Then he was on the pillow by the edge of the bed.  I retrieved him. I went to get a fuzzy blanket like he has in his cage so it would be familiar and he could settle down. Not to be. He peed on the little blanket so I was glad I had brought it to bed. So after a sleepless hour and a half I put him back in his bed and said I was sorry but what could I do.  In the morning (well later that morning) the power was still off so I wrapped him up in one of my big blankets after I fed him to get him warmed up. He promptly fell asleep.  Really Hiccup, really?  The power came on an hour later so all became right in our world though I was tired all day. 

Friday, April 17, 2015

What A Good Boy

You can see from the pictures how much Hiccup grew up this week.  He has changed so much.  He can see and hear now and does not spend all his time between feedings sleeping.  He still grunts and groans when he has to poop.  He is walking better and more on his legs.  He was 309g today!  I was thinking he should be thinking about using a litter box soon so I should get one in the cage for him as he is exploring his cage area. Kittens will start leaving their sleep area to pee somewhere away from it.  I had not seen any wet areas so thought it would be soon.  I have a quilt in the bottom of the cage with a fuzzy sheepskin like blanket on top.  When I went to take the bedding out to wash I discovered  (and I am figuring out I still haven't seen it all) that he was peeing and pooping in between the blankets out of sight.  So I need to bring out the little litter box and see when he starts to use it.  Soon he will pee and poop on his own consistently and I won't have to make him do it.  He is a happy little boy.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Hiccup is Growing and 2 Weeks Old!

Hiccup is a wonderful little boy.  He is at 213g this morning getting bigger every day.  Some days he isn't too interested in the bottle and his weight stays the same and days like today he drinks like a little piglet.  His eyes are beginning to open in the inner corners so soon he will be able to see.  You can see he is getting up more on his feet and at 3 weeks he will be getting around a lot and be thinking about using the litter box.  He has good poops and grunts and groans when he is pooping.  He uses his front paws to knead occasionally so he is learning to be a "big" boy already.  He enjoys his 2 am bottles and a quick cuddle with me.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Yes, Hiccup is Content

Yes, he is a happy boy.  He still has his umbilical cord attached though it looks that it will be off shortly.  He is eating extremely well and is already up in weight though official weight isn't until the evening.  He is a sweet little boy who likes to burrow under the big gray fabric which has made me search more than a few times for the little lump out of sight. 

Saturday, April 4, 2015


Hiccup is doing great.  As usual the first 24 hours are an adjustment period for me as well as the new baby/babies.  Hiccup is drinking very well from the bottle and purrs every time I make him pee.  He lost a bit more weight yesterday but as I expected he gained the lost weight back as well as some extra.  He was 160g today and I expect him to continuously gain now as he is very strong and pudgy and doing well.
     Daffodil goes to see the vet on Tuesday.  I think she is close to being released for adoption.  Her tummy is doing much, much better.  She and I have a routine now.  She must have her morning snuggles in bed every morning.  She will purr and rub faces as we have a quiet time.  Then to the kitchen for her breakfast.  One day the water dish was brown and I couldn't figure out why.  I discovered a catnip toy (the knot with the catnip in it) in the water dish.  I took it out, squeezed the water out of it and put it on the floor in front of the register.  I changed the water and within 10 minutes the toy was back in the water dish.  I have also found a ball and toy spring in the dish as well as the knot.  She must think a toy in the water dish improves it somehow.

Friday, April 3, 2015

It's A Boy!

My first baby of 2015 has arrived.  His name is Hiccup and was 7 days old when he arrived.  He has been a good baby.  He was found alone so will need lots of extra loving to make up for no siblings.  He purred for me the first time when I was feeding him at 2 am which was a wonderful gift to me.  He was 152g when he arrived and has lost a little bit but should be gaining very soon as he drinks more and better from the bottle.  I lost my dog Maggie in November so it was a little hard to welcome a new little one into my family without Maggie there to greet him and check him out.  She so loved and lived for the tiny babies she met coming into our family. Hiccup already had his first bath as the first time I made him pee he had some slimy poop so had to have a bum wash and a dry with the blowdryer.