Monday, October 29, 2012

Garrick and Greta

These are 2 very adorable babies.  They have grown so much since they arrived at 2 days old.  Greta has wavy hair so looks like she needs a good brushing all the time.  Garrick has the most beautiful distinctive colors.  It is hard to believe they are only 4 1/2 weeks old as they have been doing "big" baby things for a long time now.  They are using the litter box 100% of the time which means they are very smart.  They are very pudgy fat little babies which is amazing for bottle babies.  They have been eating canned food for over a week now which is well before the 6 weeks I would expect them to be eating the canned food. They are now bigger than some of the "R" babies as they are growing so much.  They are no longer cage babies even at night.  They came to the bathroom this morning with the other 12 babies when I got up and went to the bathroom.  What a greating first thing in the morning!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

How Did I Survive the Most Horrible Week Ever?

     I finally can write about my most horrible week.  I cannot believe I survived it.  I did not see much of it coming so was reeling from the shocking disasters while trying to absorb it all.  Last weekend I was hit with the worst cold of my life.  My body was aching (not the flu) and I had zero energy.  After the long sleepless night with Pierce on Monday I was super tired on Tuesday.  Wednesday I had a vet visit booked for Paige and Garrison.  When I got up on Wednesday I found Barnaby was crashing.  He was limp like a cooked spaghetti noodle.  I gave him white corn syrup then ran downstairs to get the saline and needle to give him fluids.  I found Paige crashing on the basement floor.  I scooped Paige up and put her in a cage for the one way visit to the vet.  I knew she would not survive as it was FIP that had taken a huge turn for the worse in her.  I got Barnaby squared away and he was much better.  He was sleeping normally and even moved from one bed to another bed.
     I went out for lunch at 1:30 and when I got home Barnaby had seriously crashed.  I phoned the vet to see if she was in then said I was rushing Barnaby in.  I raced to the vet's.  Rekha was not sure what was going on but he was placed on an i.v. and given metronidazole, ampicillin and dextrose.  It was not looking very good.  Then I rushed home to get Pekko and Garrison for their vet appointment.  Pekko had blood taken so we can see where he is at and to see if he is battling FIP.  Garrison had large, large pupils and was sneezing and quiet from not feeling good.  He had already been on a round of antibiotics.  Rekha had not seen his eye problem (irises were constricted causing the pupils to be large).  They took blood so we could get some idea of what was going on. Her vet opthamologist friend was coming out Nov 5 and Rekha wanted her to look at Garrison.  Then I went home with the two.
     At 6:45 Rekha called and we discussed me taking Barnaby home though he would likely die.  Fifteen minutes later she called to say she had put Barnaby down as his heart rate was 30 and should have been 180 and that he was dying.  It was hard news to hear.
     When I woke up Thursday morning it took me a few minutes to get up enough strength to get up and see what was happening in my household.  Garrison was dead on the livingroom floor.  When I called Rekha she was shocked that he had died.  We are doing an autopsy as it is a mystery as to what went on with him.  I dropped him off on my way to work.
     I got home from work after 5.  I couldn't find Pierce which made my heart race as I knew it was not good news.  I went through the house calling him.  I ended up racing through the house screaming his name.  I finally found him downstairs (he only went downstairs when he followed me down) by the washing machine.  He was in deep trouble and I knew it was the day.  I wrapped him up and rushed to Rekha's.  I could not believe my precious, totally loved little boy was gone.  I worked so hard to save him, to get him to beat his FIP and to eat more so he could gain weight.  I was absolutely hysterical driving home (I don't remember the trip home).  My heart was so broken with all that had gone on Wed and Thurs.  I had to dig deep again for enough strength to get myself to bowling which I could not miss as it is a competitive league and playoff night.  I got through the evening without anyone asking what was wrong.  I was empty, aching, heartbroken and crushed.
     Everything has been good since then for these next 3 days.  I think the worst is over and somehow I survived.  The babies are all growing and happy.  Most of the eye infections have cleared up.  The babies are playing and having fun.  Last night I let all of them stay out of the cage.  At 4:46 am I was awakened by babies who felt they were starving.  So I got up to feed them so I would have a chance of more sleep.  I put the cage away today which means all the babies are growing up.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sharing My World with You

     I know Pierce's life may not be very much longer with me so I treasure each day I am given with him.  Yesterday morning around 8 am he was holding his back leg funny, not like  kitten who has injured his leg.  Then shortly after his front leg went into a claw shape.  My heart sank as I knew this was not a good sign at all. Then he was back to normal when I went to work at 1:30.  When I got home after work at 10 pm Pierce was walking like he was drunk and tipped over.  He had a hard time getting into the basket with Garrison.  I knew that morning would very likely bring a one way trip to the vet as I will not let him suffer knowing what he has is terminal.  So with heavy heart I went to bed and could not fall asleep for at least 2 hours as my head was racing.  I finally fell into a deep sleep then was awakened by a kitten repeatedly crying. I had to get up to see what was going on.  It was Pierce.  I picked him up and he snuggled right into me purring as loud as he could.  I paced through the house with him as he was so content.  I thought "another moment of happiness to treasure.".  I put him in the cat bed with Garrison as I didn't trust his shaky legs to not tumble him off the bed.  I was trying to settle my mind when Pierce started crying again.  I got up and said that he could come to bed with me because if it was his last night with me he could very well spend it snuggling with me.  I got a favorite fuzzy blanket and took him to bed with me.  I was still not ready to say goodbye.  He slept for a while with me as I dozed then he got up so I got up and put him in the cat bed and slept until 5 am.  I was not able to go back to sleep though I tried until 6:15 am (I had to somehow make it through a day of work).  I got up to check on Pierce and he was fine!  He was as normal as he has been in a long while.  I couldn't believe my eyes!  My heart stopped beating for a couple of seconds.  I gave him his breakfast then took him outside to see the snow falling.  He was not sure what to make of the snow falling nor the cooler weather.  He was so very happy for the minute I had him outside.  When I got home from work at 5 pm he was a beautiful kitten with lots of energy going around and checking things out.  He maintained his weight from yesterday too.  So one more day to love my little boy.

Friday, October 19, 2012


This is what I saw on Wednesday.  Two comfy beds right side by side yet all the babies looking for a nice place to sleep chose to sleep in one bed all snuggling together. Makes you smile I bet.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Meet Rome, Ryder, Raisin, Roo and Ronan

These are my new sweet "R" babies.  They are 5 weeks old today.  Roo is the little busy girl and is like the energizer bunny--going and going and going.  Ryder is the quiet boy.  He was not 100% a couple of days ago so I was worried but he is much better now.  Ronan is quiet too so the boys are the gentle souled little ones. They are starting to eat canned food so soon no more bottles for them.
     Pierce lost a lot of weight over night.  But I am focusing on him today and dropper feeding him some protein powder mixed with water and Recovery canned food mixed with a bit of protein powder and water.  He is on antibiotics as of yesterday and hopefully they kick in by tonight.  I should have seen an improvement in his appetite this morning but I will try to be patient.
     Greta and Garrick are 3 weeks plus one day old.  They are starting to use the litter box and are gaining weight like crazy.  I even caught Garrick eating some canned food yesterday and thought I was seeing things.  Usually it is at least 5 weeks old before they really decide they like the canned food.  They are good babies and have been very easy to look after.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Pierce Update

     Pierce is so deep in my heart and my most precious baby this year.  He certainly knows who his mama is.  He comes when I call and does a little chirp to tell me he is here!  I have a hard time knowing his life will be short but I told him a few days ago that his whole life from 10 days and on was with the mama he loves so very much.
     Today was such a beautiful fall day with the sun shining.  I decided to take Pierce outside for the first time as sunshine helps sick upper respiratory kittens so I thought why not.  I sat down on the lawn and let him walk around.  He would go no further than 4 feet from me.  Then he would chirp and come back to me to rub up against me then crawl onto my lap.  Then he would leave again.  I told him I would SO love to be able to take him outside next spring after the snow is gone and it warms up.  I know it is wishful thinking and it hit me hard what was likely going to happen sooner than I would like.  I lay down on the lawn ande sobbed my heart out.  But...........Pierce had a great time.  I made him happy and it is a great memory to hold onto.
     Pierce was slowly gaining weight then dropped 40g in one day.  I was crushed as it is slow going when he gains 6 to 10g per day.  But protein powder has been a great thing for Pierce.  He also likes hamburger boiled fresh (no hours old or day old for him) and leftover turkey that I froze after cutting into tiny pieces.  I offered him tuna today which he picked at after Garrison showed him that it was indeed a good thing.  I bought sandwich meat for my sandwich and think I will try Pierce on thuringer (protein plus calories).  So far he has perfect poops so all my experimenting is not affecting him that way.  He gets 0.2 ml of Omega 3 oil for cats every day as well.  I am trying everything I can think of to help my precious smiley boy survive.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lots Happening

     Life has finally calmed down.  On Monday I received Lyric, Lyndee, Lilac, Layton, Lancelot, Landon, Lance, Lexus, Logan and Landon.  They are 6, 8 and one is 9 weeks old.  They came from a farm hours outside of Saskatoon and were dumped there.  Winter is cruel to tiny babies so they were rescured and taught indoor life.  Some were a little timid but soon caught on to the joy of being inside.  On Thursday I got 5 little "R" babies who are 4 weeks old.  This meant 24 babies which are too much to give proper care too.  So on Friday Layton and Lancelot went to a new foster home who is in love with the two already.  Today Lyndee, Lexus, Lance and Logan went to another foster home.  These 6 babies are all doing well on their own so just need to grow and be loved.  On Friday I took Lilac and Landon to the vet to get their eye problems checked out.  So they are on antibiotics and eye ointment.  I am grateful that it was not a big issue.
     The "R" babies are 3 girls and 2 boys (names to be chosen on Tuesday).  They sure love their bottle.  One little boy even pecked at canned food so it won't be long before they are off the bottle too.  These babies were alone after their mom was gone for 5 days.  They needed someone to look after them.
     The "B" babies are doing awesome.  Big Barnaby sure loves his bottle.  But he drinks a whole bottle, is 6 weeks old and really should be on canned food.  Memories of Pierce--Barnaby does not, not want to eat canned food.  Because the milk doesn't hold him for long he became a big pest always climbing my leg and being in my face constantly.  I put some canned food in his mouth a few times over the last two days but he didn't catch on to the canned.  After 2 nights of Barnaby finding me in bed (he has kept the secret from his siblings so far) and my very interrupted sleep I decided today was the day as he is now 6 weeks old.  I set him on the cupboard, mixed the canned food with a bit of protein powder and water and put it in front of Barnaby.  The boy dug in until half his face was covered.  I told him it was okay, food washes off easily and what a good boy he was for finally wanting to eat canned food. He has not had a bottle today nor Brazil, Boston or Booker.  Sometimes you have to be persistent.
     Greta and Garrick are 17 days old.  Hard to believe I have had them for 15 days.  They had a little bump and the vet said to put them on antibiotics as they had diarrhea and were not eating like they had been.  After a day they were back to normal and are gaining weight.  You can't sneak into their room anymore as they can hear very well now.  Soon they will be out from under the heat lamp and coming out for short romps.  They grow so fast.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Now Life is Crazy

     Life is super out of rhythm until all 19 of us find a new rythym.  The new babies are mostly good.  I have 5 of them running around to get some exercise out of the cage.  They are not nervous being in the house and two come to me on their own for loving.  Being born on a farm means a bigger adjustment coming into my house.  There are 6 boys and 3 girls.  Four are still cage babies as they either have bad eyes or are not comfortable enough to be allowed to run around.  Anyone ready will go to Petsmart the end of Oct which will be just right as they will be settled into a house routine. 
     Everyone else is doing well.  Garrick and Greta are 13 days old today.  Hard to think they were only 2 days old when they came here.  They have gotten a few bum washes as they are starting to pee and poop on their own. Pierce is gaining weight every day and is full of energy.  I have hope for him as he keeps gaining weight and looking better.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lots of Pictures and Update on the B Babies

The pictures are of Barnaby and Booker then two pictures each of Barnaby, Booker, Boston and Brazil and finally two pictures of the four B babies with Pierce and Paige.  Where to begin telling you about my wonderful "B' babies.  They are growing so very fast.  They came in weighing 190 to 256g and this morning weighed 380 to 442g.  They have gained 176g to 202g which is more than enough to make me super happy.  Brazil was the loudest when she came but has settled in to be one of the quietest demure kittens. She is a very sound sleeper and sometimes scares me when she is sleeping soundly. Barnaby is the biggest and very determined to be the first to get the bottle when it is feeding time.  Boston and Booker love to play.  This morning Boston discovered the canned food and ate and ate and ate for 6 minutes.  Usually they just pick at the food when they decide canned food is edible but she really seriously dug in.  Then Booker decided that food was okay too.  So feeding time in the near future will be much easier and quicker. How fast they grew!  Soon the 30 minute lunch hours won't be packed with trying to feed the 6 babies then rush back to work. They make me laugh all the time--the 4 little fluff  balls following me, playing, sleeping.  Five weeks old and going strong.
     Tomorrow I am expecting 10, yes, 10 kittens that are 4 to 6 weeks old.  I will check them out and try and blend them into my household. It will be very busy and a new routine to be discovered.  I hope that they are all healthy and have clear eyes.  Some are a little skittish so I will be spending lots of time holding them and getting them used to people.  Hopefully they settle in quickly.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Greta and Garrick

These babies are amazing!  They are doing better than I dreamed they could.  Greta (silver girl) and Garrick (brown tabby male) are growing before my eyes!  Greta arrived at 128g and was 220g tonight.  Garrick arrived at 138g and was 216g tonight.  10g gain per day is very good and they have surpassed this unwritten goal for them.  Their eyes opened fully yesterday so now they look like real babies.  They eat and eat.  This morning they ate so much their tummies buldged and I couldn't believe how big their tummies got.  They are starting to move around a lot more.  They still can't hear so really move a lot when you pick them up to feed them.  They purr alot too.  They are such strong good babies.  They are 9 days old today and have lived with me for a week.  They are a joy to love and look after.  I can hardly wait until they are running around and causing trouble.
     Pierce is doing very well.  His outlook was not very bright but I have been determined to have him be a survivor.  He loves the protein powder mixed with water and will drink it from a bowl.  He was eating boiled hamburger mixed with the protein powder and a bit of water.  Now he is a bit fussy and likes his hamburger freshly boiled--no leftovers for him.  I don't eat many leftovers either so I totally understand.  He is full of energy and it makes me grin when he is running around and playing with Paige and Pekko.  He looks wonderful.  I cried this morning when I weighed him and realized the protein powder plus eating a lot of hamburger enabled him to gain 40g.  He looks so much better now he has put on some weight.  He even really dug into the canned food when I got home from work.  He so enjoyed it and I hd not yet seen him really did into the canned food with enjoyment.
     Here is a peak at what my morning looked like today.  I got up at 6:30 am and planned what order I would do things as soon as I got out of bed.  I got up and fed Garrison, Pekko and Paige some canned food.  I got the bottle ready for Greta and Garrick and fed them and made them pee.  Then I got the bottle ready for Barnaby, Booker, Brazil and Boston.  I fed them.  I gave Paige her antibiotics.  I made myself a cup of coffee.  I whipped up a batch of muffins and baked them while I got ready for work.  I fed the "G" babies again, fed the "B" babies again, got my lunch ready for work and left for work at 8:40.  I felt like I had done well though every minute after I get out of bed is filled with things to do.  Change it?  Give it up?  Never while there are babies who need me.  My reward is when they are healthy, grow and are normal kittens.