Sunday, October 28, 2012

How Did I Survive the Most Horrible Week Ever?

     I finally can write about my most horrible week.  I cannot believe I survived it.  I did not see much of it coming so was reeling from the shocking disasters while trying to absorb it all.  Last weekend I was hit with the worst cold of my life.  My body was aching (not the flu) and I had zero energy.  After the long sleepless night with Pierce on Monday I was super tired on Tuesday.  Wednesday I had a vet visit booked for Paige and Garrison.  When I got up on Wednesday I found Barnaby was crashing.  He was limp like a cooked spaghetti noodle.  I gave him white corn syrup then ran downstairs to get the saline and needle to give him fluids.  I found Paige crashing on the basement floor.  I scooped Paige up and put her in a cage for the one way visit to the vet.  I knew she would not survive as it was FIP that had taken a huge turn for the worse in her.  I got Barnaby squared away and he was much better.  He was sleeping normally and even moved from one bed to another bed.
     I went out for lunch at 1:30 and when I got home Barnaby had seriously crashed.  I phoned the vet to see if she was in then said I was rushing Barnaby in.  I raced to the vet's.  Rekha was not sure what was going on but he was placed on an i.v. and given metronidazole, ampicillin and dextrose.  It was not looking very good.  Then I rushed home to get Pekko and Garrison for their vet appointment.  Pekko had blood taken so we can see where he is at and to see if he is battling FIP.  Garrison had large, large pupils and was sneezing and quiet from not feeling good.  He had already been on a round of antibiotics.  Rekha had not seen his eye problem (irises were constricted causing the pupils to be large).  They took blood so we could get some idea of what was going on. Her vet opthamologist friend was coming out Nov 5 and Rekha wanted her to look at Garrison.  Then I went home with the two.
     At 6:45 Rekha called and we discussed me taking Barnaby home though he would likely die.  Fifteen minutes later she called to say she had put Barnaby down as his heart rate was 30 and should have been 180 and that he was dying.  It was hard news to hear.
     When I woke up Thursday morning it took me a few minutes to get up enough strength to get up and see what was happening in my household.  Garrison was dead on the livingroom floor.  When I called Rekha she was shocked that he had died.  We are doing an autopsy as it is a mystery as to what went on with him.  I dropped him off on my way to work.
     I got home from work after 5.  I couldn't find Pierce which made my heart race as I knew it was not good news.  I went through the house calling him.  I ended up racing through the house screaming his name.  I finally found him downstairs (he only went downstairs when he followed me down) by the washing machine.  He was in deep trouble and I knew it was the day.  I wrapped him up and rushed to Rekha's.  I could not believe my precious, totally loved little boy was gone.  I worked so hard to save him, to get him to beat his FIP and to eat more so he could gain weight.  I was absolutely hysterical driving home (I don't remember the trip home).  My heart was so broken with all that had gone on Wed and Thurs.  I had to dig deep again for enough strength to get myself to bowling which I could not miss as it is a competitive league and playoff night.  I got through the evening without anyone asking what was wrong.  I was empty, aching, heartbroken and crushed.
     Everything has been good since then for these next 3 days.  I think the worst is over and somehow I survived.  The babies are all growing and happy.  Most of the eye infections have cleared up.  The babies are playing and having fun.  Last night I let all of them stay out of the cage.  At 4:46 am I was awakened by babies who felt they were starving.  So I got up to feed them so I would have a chance of more sleep.  I put the cage away today which means all the babies are growing up.

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  1. I am ever ever so sorry for you all. I know you were steeling yourself for the eventual loss of Pierce but this huge collapse in the ranks of your brave little loved ones is beyond understanding. Please remember Ernestine will watch out for Barnaby, Paige, Garrison and of course Pierce now. She will not have to remind them how much they were all loved as they all already know. And they will see you sharing your wonderful love and spirit with other youngsters in need. They will feel no envy, just joy that some others kittens were lucky enough to pass into your caring heart and hands.