Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lots Happening

     Life has finally calmed down.  On Monday I received Lyric, Lyndee, Lilac, Layton, Lancelot, Landon, Lance, Lexus, Logan and Landon.  They are 6, 8 and one is 9 weeks old.  They came from a farm hours outside of Saskatoon and were dumped there.  Winter is cruel to tiny babies so they were rescured and taught indoor life.  Some were a little timid but soon caught on to the joy of being inside.  On Thursday I got 5 little "R" babies who are 4 weeks old.  This meant 24 babies which are too much to give proper care too.  So on Friday Layton and Lancelot went to a new foster home who is in love with the two already.  Today Lyndee, Lexus, Lance and Logan went to another foster home.  These 6 babies are all doing well on their own so just need to grow and be loved.  On Friday I took Lilac and Landon to the vet to get their eye problems checked out.  So they are on antibiotics and eye ointment.  I am grateful that it was not a big issue.
     The "R" babies are 3 girls and 2 boys (names to be chosen on Tuesday).  They sure love their bottle.  One little boy even pecked at canned food so it won't be long before they are off the bottle too.  These babies were alone after their mom was gone for 5 days.  They needed someone to look after them.
     The "B" babies are doing awesome.  Big Barnaby sure loves his bottle.  But he drinks a whole bottle, is 6 weeks old and really should be on canned food.  Memories of Pierce--Barnaby does not, not want to eat canned food.  Because the milk doesn't hold him for long he became a big pest always climbing my leg and being in my face constantly.  I put some canned food in his mouth a few times over the last two days but he didn't catch on to the canned.  After 2 nights of Barnaby finding me in bed (he has kept the secret from his siblings so far) and my very interrupted sleep I decided today was the day as he is now 6 weeks old.  I set him on the cupboard, mixed the canned food with a bit of protein powder and water and put it in front of Barnaby.  The boy dug in until half his face was covered.  I told him it was okay, food washes off easily and what a good boy he was for finally wanting to eat canned food. He has not had a bottle today nor Brazil, Boston or Booker.  Sometimes you have to be persistent.
     Greta and Garrick are 17 days old.  Hard to believe I have had them for 15 days.  They had a little bump and the vet said to put them on antibiotics as they had diarrhea and were not eating like they had been.  After a day they were back to normal and are gaining weight.  You can't sneak into their room anymore as they can hear very well now.  Soon they will be out from under the heat lamp and coming out for short romps.  They grow so fast.

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