Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sharing My World with You

     I know Pierce's life may not be very much longer with me so I treasure each day I am given with him.  Yesterday morning around 8 am he was holding his back leg funny, not like  kitten who has injured his leg.  Then shortly after his front leg went into a claw shape.  My heart sank as I knew this was not a good sign at all. Then he was back to normal when I went to work at 1:30.  When I got home after work at 10 pm Pierce was walking like he was drunk and tipped over.  He had a hard time getting into the basket with Garrison.  I knew that morning would very likely bring a one way trip to the vet as I will not let him suffer knowing what he has is terminal.  So with heavy heart I went to bed and could not fall asleep for at least 2 hours as my head was racing.  I finally fell into a deep sleep then was awakened by a kitten repeatedly crying. I had to get up to see what was going on.  It was Pierce.  I picked him up and he snuggled right into me purring as loud as he could.  I paced through the house with him as he was so content.  I thought "another moment of happiness to treasure.".  I put him in the cat bed with Garrison as I didn't trust his shaky legs to not tumble him off the bed.  I was trying to settle my mind when Pierce started crying again.  I got up and said that he could come to bed with me because if it was his last night with me he could very well spend it snuggling with me.  I got a favorite fuzzy blanket and took him to bed with me.  I was still not ready to say goodbye.  He slept for a while with me as I dozed then he got up so I got up and put him in the cat bed and slept until 5 am.  I was not able to go back to sleep though I tried until 6:15 am (I had to somehow make it through a day of work).  I got up to check on Pierce and he was fine!  He was as normal as he has been in a long while.  I couldn't believe my eyes!  My heart stopped beating for a couple of seconds.  I gave him his breakfast then took him outside to see the snow falling.  He was not sure what to make of the snow falling nor the cooler weather.  He was so very happy for the minute I had him outside.  When I got home from work at 5 pm he was a beautiful kitten with lots of energy going around and checking things out.  He maintained his weight from yesterday too.  So one more day to love my little boy.

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