Thursday, October 18, 2012

Meet Rome, Ryder, Raisin, Roo and Ronan

These are my new sweet "R" babies.  They are 5 weeks old today.  Roo is the little busy girl and is like the energizer bunny--going and going and going.  Ryder is the quiet boy.  He was not 100% a couple of days ago so I was worried but he is much better now.  Ronan is quiet too so the boys are the gentle souled little ones. They are starting to eat canned food so soon no more bottles for them.
     Pierce lost a lot of weight over night.  But I am focusing on him today and dropper feeding him some protein powder mixed with water and Recovery canned food mixed with a bit of protein powder and water.  He is on antibiotics as of yesterday and hopefully they kick in by tonight.  I should have seen an improvement in his appetite this morning but I will try to be patient.
     Greta and Garrick are 3 weeks plus one day old.  They are starting to use the litter box and are gaining weight like crazy.  I even caught Garrick eating some canned food yesterday and thought I was seeing things.  Usually it is at least 5 weeks old before they really decide they like the canned food.  They are good babies and have been very easy to look after.

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