Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kendall, Kennedy, Kingston and Kerrigan

 Welcome to my "K" babies who arrived on October 18 to make the grand total 18.  These are Kendall, Kennedy, Kingston and Kerrigan in order.  They are finally over their little bump.  They were too big to really want the bottle yet too small to eat canned food well enough to maintain their weight.  They have lost weight (little bits) every day so were causing me worry.  I was forcefeeding them for a while which takes time but is necessary.  Finally yesterday all gained weight and are looking better.  I have been very worried about Kennedy and gave her fluids a few times to make sure she didn't get dehydrated.  She is very tiny but finally gained 10g yesterday.  They are moving around a lot more which tells me they are feeling much better and have full tummies.  They are eating better on their own too so they are off my worry list.  Kennedy follows me around a bit which is nice to see as well.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

hard day

Looking after 18 babies is not that bad if you are organized and put your housework last so you can individually love each baby.  Yesterday Jayda was having trouble so I was keeping a close eye on her.  She got fluids and a warm, warm place to sleep.  This morning she was about the same and at lunch a bit improved perhaps due to the antibiotics she was started on.  I have been keeping an eye on Geranium as she remained exactly the same weight (340g) for 3 days.  I weighed her this morning before I went to work and she was still the same.  At lunch when I came home she had crashed.  45 minutes so had to think fast as to how to get everything done.  I called the vet's and as usual they were very accommodating.  She had had diarrhea in the morning so I knew she was dehydrated--give her fluids and a warm place to sleep for the afternoon while the fluids kick in or rush her to the vet.  My gut instinct said to forfeit lunch and rush her to the vet.  Twice in the afternoon they almost lost her but my gut said not to give up on her yet.  I have learned to trust my gut which is why I hate it so much when my gut tells me we are in deep trouble and start worrying, hard.  Katelyn is such a blessing.  She held her for most of the afternoon knowing that is what I would do and want done for my baby.  All of a sudden Geranium turned the corner and when I called she was bright, alert and wanting to go home.  So I rushed there after work to pick her up, come home and half an hour to feed the gang and get out of the house for bowling.  Being a first born helps as we tend to be fairly organized.  When I got home from bowling I had a huge mess in my house to deal with yet tonight but..........I had all babies doing well.  Jayda is still not wanting to eat on her own yet but she is looking much better.   Geranium is a little irritated at having to stay in the small warmed cage but she must until tomorrow.  I am glad to be off the next 3 days.  I know tired will hit me tomorrow but, again, worth it.  I will find time to love each baby tonight and make sure they know they are loved.  I do indeed love each baby and know what each is up to.  The best time of day sometimes is at night when I have done the last feed before I fall into bed and the house is silent.  I wouldn't change this for a second.  I draw on strength somewhere deep inside and this makes me stronger yet as I must be strong for my little babies.


Onyx was an only child now suddenly he is in the midst of more "siblings" than he can count.  His mom is pregnant again as well.  He told me "no more brothers and sisters mom, 17 are enough" (Sorry, gave the answer away to the test that was to follow shortly, now you should get 100%).  The first picture is of my first 10 kittens after their morning breakfast.  They went one by one to their bed to have a morning snuggle.
.    .    .     .Onyx is now finally over 600g.  He is tiny for his age but is slowly, steadily growing.  He is mentally 9 weeks 3 days old though small in size.  He knows his name and has no more bottle.  He likes to run around and play with toys.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Grayson, Galen, Germany, Geranium, Griffin

I welcomed Grayson, Galen, Germany, Geranium and Griffin on Oct 12.  It was my Saturday to work (12 hour day so long enough).  My daughter's friend called from the horse farm and said these babies were orphaned as their mom was missing for 2 days.  When the owner got home that night or the next day he would send his dog to kill the kittens.  So even though I had 5 babies on the bottle already I could not turn my back.  So 5 screaming hungry kittens came home.  She looked after them until I got home after 9 pm.  They are sweet little babies and settled in quickly.  At 10 pm that night Vermont was in trouble.  He had vomited a few times so got dehydrated.  I gave him fluids and held him until 1 a.m.  He seemed stable so I went to bed as I was beyond exhausted.  I got up in the morning and he was much better.  Then on Sunday Galen crashed in the same way.  I stayed up late with him after working my Sunday shift (I was in the middle of 11 days of work in a row).  I checked on him at 2 a.m. and then 4 a.m.  He seemed better so I popped him in the 2' x4' cage.  Big mistake as that just woke the other 9 babies up.  I felt sorry for him being in the small pink cage all alone.  He was fine in the morning.  Later on Monday Vaxton crashed from dehydration.  Again fluids under the skin and within a day he was much better.  I was exhausted, big emotionally draining things were happening at work so I was frantic at work as well as at home plus I had 10 babies on bottles.  Somehow (I still don't know how I got through that week) we made it through.  No one died, I survived and all was well in the end.  I think that was the worst week I can remember even topping weeks where I have to drag my body out of bed during the night to feed babies.  Keep track of how many babies because a test will be happening later on.  All the babies are very happy to give me purrs which is what helped get me through my tough week.  I flew through formula and even had to start making it up two containers at a time.  But all are now healthy, happy and very busy normal kittens.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Vermont, Vaxton, Vincent, Venus

After the disaster of accidentally deleting my first blog (anyone who can restore it will be rewarded) I am up and running again on my new blog.
     Okay, Irish was adopted only an hour after he went to Petsmart on Oct 7.  He is now Zeke with a nickname of Mr Pickles.  Hickory and Fauna have gone to a new foster home as my house is full with 14 babies and 4 more to arrive tonight.  Details and pictures in future posts as I try to catch up on the posts.

Here are the newest pictures of my four "V" babies.  In order they are Vermont, Vaxton, Vincent and Venus.  You can see that Venus still has her wavy hair.  It will be interesting to see how she looks as she gets older.  They are doing well and are all eating canned food.  They are very busy little babies as they should be at 7 weeks old today.  They are very sweet and snuggly babies and are enjoying run of the house.  Last night was the first night they got to spend out after being out in the house all day.  They were very good babies all night, didn't discover where I sleep yet so I could sleep and used the litter box at least 95% which is good for such little ones.  They will be allowed out and about as long as they have good litter box manners.      

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Well, I wonder if we can start this again.  Hope all goes more smoothly this time.