Monday, October 18, 2010

Vermont, Vaxton, Vincent, Venus

After the disaster of accidentally deleting my first blog (anyone who can restore it will be rewarded) I am up and running again on my new blog.
     Okay, Irish was adopted only an hour after he went to Petsmart on Oct 7.  He is now Zeke with a nickname of Mr Pickles.  Hickory and Fauna have gone to a new foster home as my house is full with 14 babies and 4 more to arrive tonight.  Details and pictures in future posts as I try to catch up on the posts.

Here are the newest pictures of my four "V" babies.  In order they are Vermont, Vaxton, Vincent and Venus.  You can see that Venus still has her wavy hair.  It will be interesting to see how she looks as she gets older.  They are doing well and are all eating canned food.  They are very busy little babies as they should be at 7 weeks old today.  They are very sweet and snuggly babies and are enjoying run of the house.  Last night was the first night they got to spend out after being out in the house all day.  They were very good babies all night, didn't discover where I sleep yet so I could sleep and used the litter box at least 95% which is good for such little ones.  They will be allowed out and about as long as they have good litter box manners.      

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