Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Grayson, Galen, Germany, Geranium, Griffin

I welcomed Grayson, Galen, Germany, Geranium and Griffin on Oct 12.  It was my Saturday to work (12 hour day so long enough).  My daughter's friend called from the horse farm and said these babies were orphaned as their mom was missing for 2 days.  When the owner got home that night or the next day he would send his dog to kill the kittens.  So even though I had 5 babies on the bottle already I could not turn my back.  So 5 screaming hungry kittens came home.  She looked after them until I got home after 9 pm.  They are sweet little babies and settled in quickly.  At 10 pm that night Vermont was in trouble.  He had vomited a few times so got dehydrated.  I gave him fluids and held him until 1 a.m.  He seemed stable so I went to bed as I was beyond exhausted.  I got up in the morning and he was much better.  Then on Sunday Galen crashed in the same way.  I stayed up late with him after working my Sunday shift (I was in the middle of 11 days of work in a row).  I checked on him at 2 a.m. and then 4 a.m.  He seemed better so I popped him in the 2' x4' cage.  Big mistake as that just woke the other 9 babies up.  I felt sorry for him being in the small pink cage all alone.  He was fine in the morning.  Later on Monday Vaxton crashed from dehydration.  Again fluids under the skin and within a day he was much better.  I was exhausted, big emotionally draining things were happening at work so I was frantic at work as well as at home plus I had 10 babies on bottles.  Somehow (I still don't know how I got through that week) we made it through.  No one died, I survived and all was well in the end.  I think that was the worst week I can remember even topping weeks where I have to drag my body out of bed during the night to feed babies.  Keep track of how many babies because a test will be happening later on.  All the babies are very happy to give me purrs which is what helped get me through my tough week.  I flew through formula and even had to start making it up two containers at a time.  But all are now healthy, happy and very busy normal kittens.

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