Thursday, October 21, 2010

hard day

Looking after 18 babies is not that bad if you are organized and put your housework last so you can individually love each baby.  Yesterday Jayda was having trouble so I was keeping a close eye on her.  She got fluids and a warm, warm place to sleep.  This morning she was about the same and at lunch a bit improved perhaps due to the antibiotics she was started on.  I have been keeping an eye on Geranium as she remained exactly the same weight (340g) for 3 days.  I weighed her this morning before I went to work and she was still the same.  At lunch when I came home she had crashed.  45 minutes so had to think fast as to how to get everything done.  I called the vet's and as usual they were very accommodating.  She had had diarrhea in the morning so I knew she was dehydrated--give her fluids and a warm place to sleep for the afternoon while the fluids kick in or rush her to the vet.  My gut instinct said to forfeit lunch and rush her to the vet.  Twice in the afternoon they almost lost her but my gut said not to give up on her yet.  I have learned to trust my gut which is why I hate it so much when my gut tells me we are in deep trouble and start worrying, hard.  Katelyn is such a blessing.  She held her for most of the afternoon knowing that is what I would do and want done for my baby.  All of a sudden Geranium turned the corner and when I called she was bright, alert and wanting to go home.  So I rushed there after work to pick her up, come home and half an hour to feed the gang and get out of the house for bowling.  Being a first born helps as we tend to be fairly organized.  When I got home from bowling I had a huge mess in my house to deal with yet tonight but..........I had all babies doing well.  Jayda is still not wanting to eat on her own yet but she is looking much better.   Geranium is a little irritated at having to stay in the small warmed cage but she must until tomorrow.  I am glad to be off the next 3 days.  I know tired will hit me tomorrow but, again, worth it.  I will find time to love each baby tonight and make sure they know they are loved.  I do indeed love each baby and know what each is up to.  The best time of day sometimes is at night when I have done the last feed before I fall into bed and the house is silent.  I wouldn't change this for a second.  I draw on strength somewhere deep inside and this makes me stronger yet as I must be strong for my little babies.

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