Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Two Little Ones Have Siblings

I was feeling a bit empty when Kyler and Keaton left on Saturday.  But the two new babies I got Saturday filled a void in my world.  Their names are Freckle (girl) and Fergusson (boy).  They are doing great and are still fluffy and cute as ever.
     Yesterday I got a call and my next batch of 5 babies arrived.  Their eyes aren't open yet but I think some may open their eyes tomorrow as the eyes are getting very defined.  They are eating well but not gaining as much as I thought they should from how much they are eating.  I suspect deworming them on Saturday may improve their weight gain (can't do it sooner and only when they are 2 weeks of age or older).  Their names are Galaxy and Gianni for the girls and the boys are Gulliver, Garnett and Granger.  They are little cuties and purr now for me.  So now night feedings take a lot longer with 7 babies to feed when I get up.
     I am a very organized person most of the time and that pays off when I have quite a few babies to look after.  This morning I set my cell phone to go off at 5:45 as I wanted an extra 45 minutes to not have to run hard before I went to work.  The cell phone went off and I promptly fell back into a deep sleep until my alarm clock went off at 6:30.  So run hard it was.  I got the babies fed which took 35 minutes plus made them pee.  The tiny ones had wet their cage so while I was feeding one baby in one arm I went downstairs to bring up the next size cage in my other hand (time must be wisely used).  I got clean blankets and settled the little ones in. I made two batches of formula to be ready for the lunch feeding too. I had to be totally ready for work before 8 as I leave at 8:30 and still had to get another feeding in before I left.  I had to make my lunch and get myself ready.  I hardly had time to sneak my coffee in (more important when I am more sleep deprived).  The babies all had to have a bit of loving before I left for work too so they would know they weren't alone. I got the kitchen cleaned up and made breakfast.  So a very busy day before I even made it to work.  House stuff still needs to be done but now it needs to be done in less time.  It is hard work looking after the babies but I always smile when I see how well they are doing.  I feel rewarded when I have pushed myself hard to get all the necessary things done despite being sleep deprived and having beautiful babies to love.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sharing a Couple Cute Pictures

I just had to take pictures when I saw how the little boy was sleeping.  He looked so comfortable and content that I couldn't resist going awwwwwwwwwww. This is why I say they are on a beach in Tahiti.  He never even woke up when I took these pictures to share.  Both were 172g yesterday and today both were 192 which is a large weight gain.  Now they settle right down after I feed them.  The little boy likes to be really awake when it is bottle time. They still purr so very much. 

A Goodbye and A Hello

On Saturday Kyler and Keaton went to their forever home.  Their new names are Thor and Zeus.  The house seemed so quiet after they left but not for long. My arms were no longer empty because a few hours later I welcomed my new two new babies who are 2 weeks old.  They will be "F" babies so names will be picked very soon.  A little boy (beige) and a little girl (of course torties are girls).  They both weighed 172 g and are very pudgy little babies.  Their mom disappeared from an acreage.  The little boy looks damp because my dog is intrigued with babies and checks them out by sniffing them with her wet nose.  The babies are eating well and are strong.  Back to 2 am feedings and lots of purrs.  These babies purr all the time so they know they are loved which was especially nice during the 2 am feeding. They have such beautiful fluffy tails and thick hair that will be fluffy I think when they get older.  They are enjoying the heat lamp and stretch out to enjoy the heat.

Monday, May 19, 2014

7 weeks old

Keaton was trying to sleep and Kyler said no way I want you to play with me.  They are 7 wonderful weeks old.  Hard to believe they turned from the tiny little beings that I got into these huge big boys.  Kyler is the adventuresome one and figured everything out first.  But Keaton was the one to discover he could go downstairs.  To this day Kyler sits in the doorway and looks at the stairs into the landing and cries but will not attempt the stairs.  So Keaton does have some adventure spirit in him.  A family came to see the boys this last week and will be adopting both boys when they get vaccinated, microchipped and feline leukemia tested on Wednesday.  They will pick them up next weekend.  The boys play together all the time and have survived from 3 days old together so it is wonderful to see them going to be together forever.  It is hard for me to think of them leaving as it seems they just came.  But all those weeks of dragging my body out of bed at 2 am, rushing home from work during lunch and supper breaks (only 30 minute breaks) and guiding them to be big boys will result in the wonderful goal of being in another home, their forever home.  Their leaving will leave an emptiness in my heart but more babies will be just around the corner and I will carry on.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

They Are Growing Up

I was looking for the babies this morning after their breakfast.  Were they sleeping on the top scoop of the scratching post as they have been the last few days?  No.  Were they sleeping in the cat bed on the floor?  No.  Were they sleeping on the blanket I put under the couch for them?  No, I peeked and not there.  Then I found them sleeping on the back of the couch for the first time.  They were sleeping on the right side right where Leo always sleeps for many hours every day.  You can see Leo was gracious and gave up his most favorite spot for the two little boys.  Last night Kyler slept right by my tummy as he thinks it is the best spot for night sleeping.  Now they have done everything that "big" kittens do.  They will be leaving too soon.

Monday, May 12, 2014

This Morning

     The boys must have enjoyed the last 3 mornings.  I would call them when I woke so they could come and get a snuggle.  Both always came running.  This morning at 5:38 am Keaton decided it was time for me to get up.  He came and gave a meow by my bed.  The boys never meow so this made me instantly alert from the deep sleep I was in.  I put both in bed with me and said that mom needed to sleep a little more.  It was not to be.  They were chasing and pouncing on each other so no going back to sleep for me.  35 minutes after they came to bed with me I heard a little groan and knew what Kyler was doing as he gives little groans sometimes--he was peeing in my bed.  Good thing I had thought about washing my comforter very soon and was going to change bedding this morning if I had time before work.  They are so cute that you can't be mad at them, they are just babies after all.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

My Big 6 Week Old Boys

My boys are 6 weeks old.  We have adjusted our routine this last week.  At the beginning of the week I would let them stay out in the house instead of being put in the cage.  They are very good in the litter box so I gave them run of the house.  The last 2 nights I have let them stay out of the cage for the nights too.  They are good babies and come running in the morning when I call out good morning to them.  This morning I put both in bed with me and we had a wonderful snuggle time.  They are eating canned food and get an occasional bottle to make sure the transition is smooth.  Kyler has even eaten the kitten hard food in the dish a couple of times.  How fast they have grown up!  They have a vet appointment on the 26th.  After that they should be big enough for adoption as Kyler is 788g and Keaton is 664g.  I am starting to prepare my heart for them to go to their forever homes.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

5 weeks old already

What wonderful boys my babies are!  They have grown up even more.  I keep telling them how cute they are and how wonderful.  Kyler decided he was a big boy and could climb up on the couch by himself.  He was having a great time this morning pouncing on imaginary things he pretended were on the couch.  He is now sleeping on the dog bed.  He even found his way up onto the back of the couch.  He has finally started nibbling on canned food.  Keaton has been eating canned food a few days now and is starting to enjoy it.  Keaton was very mellow in his heated bed this morning.  He yawned a few times which I was able to catch. He loves to roll on his back and has since he was very tiny. He is figuring out toys too.  They like being out and about in the house.  They have been very comfortable in the whole house since the beginning.  Now that we all sleep through the night I go and let them out of their big cage first thing in the morning.  They both scamper down the hallway and I start my day with a smile as I watch them.  I am bracing myself for the day when they find their forever homes which is coming too soon--just when they are starting to be fun and personable.
     The first 3 pictures were taken yesterday.  I loved how they were sleeping.  Keaton opened his eyes first then Kyler when they heard me taking the first picture.  They were so cute (I use that word a lot with these two boys) that I had to stand and admire them a while.