Monday, May 19, 2014

7 weeks old

Keaton was trying to sleep and Kyler said no way I want you to play with me.  They are 7 wonderful weeks old.  Hard to believe they turned from the tiny little beings that I got into these huge big boys.  Kyler is the adventuresome one and figured everything out first.  But Keaton was the one to discover he could go downstairs.  To this day Kyler sits in the doorway and looks at the stairs into the landing and cries but will not attempt the stairs.  So Keaton does have some adventure spirit in him.  A family came to see the boys this last week and will be adopting both boys when they get vaccinated, microchipped and feline leukemia tested on Wednesday.  They will pick them up next weekend.  The boys play together all the time and have survived from 3 days old together so it is wonderful to see them going to be together forever.  It is hard for me to think of them leaving as it seems they just came.  But all those weeks of dragging my body out of bed at 2 am, rushing home from work during lunch and supper breaks (only 30 minute breaks) and guiding them to be big boys will result in the wonderful goal of being in another home, their forever home.  Their leaving will leave an emptiness in my heart but more babies will be just around the corner and I will carry on.

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