Wednesday, May 14, 2014

They Are Growing Up

I was looking for the babies this morning after their breakfast.  Were they sleeping on the top scoop of the scratching post as they have been the last few days?  No.  Were they sleeping in the cat bed on the floor?  No.  Were they sleeping on the blanket I put under the couch for them?  No, I peeked and not there.  Then I found them sleeping on the back of the couch for the first time.  They were sleeping on the right side right where Leo always sleeps for many hours every day.  You can see Leo was gracious and gave up his most favorite spot for the two little boys.  Last night Kyler slept right by my tummy as he thinks it is the best spot for night sleeping.  Now they have done everything that "big" kittens do.  They will be leaving too soon.

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