Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Goodbye and A Hello

On Saturday Kyler and Keaton went to their forever home.  Their new names are Thor and Zeus.  The house seemed so quiet after they left but not for long. My arms were no longer empty because a few hours later I welcomed my new two new babies who are 2 weeks old.  They will be "F" babies so names will be picked very soon.  A little boy (beige) and a little girl (of course torties are girls).  They both weighed 172 g and are very pudgy little babies.  Their mom disappeared from an acreage.  The little boy looks damp because my dog is intrigued with babies and checks them out by sniffing them with her wet nose.  The babies are eating well and are strong.  Back to 2 am feedings and lots of purrs.  These babies purr all the time so they know they are loved which was especially nice during the 2 am feeding. They have such beautiful fluffy tails and thick hair that will be fluffy I think when they get older.  They are enjoying the heat lamp and stretch out to enjoy the heat.

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