Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Two Little Ones Have Siblings

I was feeling a bit empty when Kyler and Keaton left on Saturday.  But the two new babies I got Saturday filled a void in my world.  Their names are Freckle (girl) and Fergusson (boy).  They are doing great and are still fluffy and cute as ever.
     Yesterday I got a call and my next batch of 5 babies arrived.  Their eyes aren't open yet but I think some may open their eyes tomorrow as the eyes are getting very defined.  They are eating well but not gaining as much as I thought they should from how much they are eating.  I suspect deworming them on Saturday may improve their weight gain (can't do it sooner and only when they are 2 weeks of age or older).  Their names are Galaxy and Gianni for the girls and the boys are Gulliver, Garnett and Granger.  They are little cuties and purr now for me.  So now night feedings take a lot longer with 7 babies to feed when I get up.
     I am a very organized person most of the time and that pays off when I have quite a few babies to look after.  This morning I set my cell phone to go off at 5:45 as I wanted an extra 45 minutes to not have to run hard before I went to work.  The cell phone went off and I promptly fell back into a deep sleep until my alarm clock went off at 6:30.  So run hard it was.  I got the babies fed which took 35 minutes plus made them pee.  The tiny ones had wet their cage so while I was feeding one baby in one arm I went downstairs to bring up the next size cage in my other hand (time must be wisely used).  I got clean blankets and settled the little ones in. I made two batches of formula to be ready for the lunch feeding too. I had to be totally ready for work before 8 as I leave at 8:30 and still had to get another feeding in before I left.  I had to make my lunch and get myself ready.  I hardly had time to sneak my coffee in (more important when I am more sleep deprived).  The babies all had to have a bit of loving before I left for work too so they would know they weren't alone. I got the kitchen cleaned up and made breakfast.  So a very busy day before I even made it to work.  House stuff still needs to be done but now it needs to be done in less time.  It is hard work looking after the babies but I always smile when I see how well they are doing.  I feel rewarded when I have pushed myself hard to get all the necessary things done despite being sleep deprived and having beautiful babies to love.

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