Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Lots of Pictures

I have put up 3 pictures each (in order) of Fergusson, Freckle, Galaxy, Garnett, Gianni, Granger and Gulliver.  Fergusson and Freckle are now 3 weeks old and growing up.  They are starting to use a litter box and now enjoy walking on a blanket in the living room.  They purr a lot which you can easily hear.  They are fluffy and have such soft fur.  Both weigh more than 300g so they are a nice handful and very pudgy.  They are starting to be interested in what is around them and play with each other.  Fergusson is the adventuresome one and has already wandered away from the living room.  Freckle walks around but doesn't go too far.
     The G babies are 2 weeks old now.  They are eating well and are gaining very nicely.  They are used to the routine now which makes things easier.  The first 48 hours is always a learning time for new babies and for me as I get to know them.  They are strong little babies and look like bigger kittens now their eyes have opened in the last 2 days.  They drink well and enjoy their bottles.  On Saturday the two litters can intermingle as quarantine will be off.  Getting up at 2 am is a challenge for me to make myself get up.  But once I am up and moving and the babies are eating and purring it is all worth it.  Two more weeks of getting up then the littlest ones will be 4 weeks old and can go through the night.  They all look different which makes feeding time easier.  A few bum washes have been necessary as the constipating effects of cats milk have worn off and now they have soft mushy poops.  I have had to change their bed a couple of times a day so they can be clean and dry in their cage.


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