Sunday, June 22, 2014


Suddenly Granger, Galaxy, Garnett, Gianni and Gulliver have grown up.  This week saw a lot of changes.  My little ones have gone to eyes not open, learning to walk on legs and not their bellies,  learning to use a litter box and now to eating canned food.  I have been off for 5 days and had wished to get them off the bottle when I was home.  It was not to be as they just turned 5 weeks old and usually kittens are really good on canned food at about 6 weeks old.  So back to the bottle (fewer feedings) and eating canned food in between.  Suddenly today they all decided that eating canned food was great and ate enthusiastically enough that I saw they did not need a bottle.  So no bottles today.  They are growing up and playing just like big kittens which makes my house a very busy place.

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