Saturday, June 21, 2014

My Fluff Balls Are 6 Weeks Old Today

My little darlings are 6 weeks old today!  We have gone from 1 1/2 weeks old to 6 weeks old in the blink of an eye (though some of the 2 am feedings were hard to drag my body out of bed and it seemed that it would be forever before I could sleep through the night).  Fergusson and Freckle are little kittens now and not babies.  They are eating canned food quite well and only got a half bottle of milk each today (transitioning off the bottle is hard for me too).  I will see if they can go tomorrow with no bottle.  They scamper through the house and are playing a lot with each other and all the others.  On Thursday night I was watching t.v. in bed before I went to sleep.  All of a sudden there was Freckle on the bed with me.  I was surprised as Fergusson has been the go getter and Freckle was the observer.  Fergusson seems to know how to go down stairs but can't make it back up as he is not big enough to pull himself up the step.  I told him that he is only to go down a stair if he can get himself back up the stair.  He needed rescuing a couple of times as he did not heed my advice.  Freckle was proud of herself for getting onto my bed.  Fergusson was happy when I put him on the bed with us.  They were so happy and wiggly that it made me smile over and over.  But after a while of having whiskers and nose in my face when I was trying to fall asleep I had to get up and put them in the living room with the G kittens.  Then this morning I went into the bedroom to put socks on when I saw my comforter moving.  I knew it was a kitten but who?  I cautiously pulled the sheet back to find it was Freckle who had wormed her way between the comforter and the flat sheet.  She also loves sleeping on my computer chair or the back of the couch.  How fast they grow up and start doing  big kitten things!  These are two very sweet babies.  Today I was calling Freckle to come and get her half bottle of milk.  She was coming towards me slowly.  I put the bottle on the floor about 3 feet in front of her and she zoomed over right to me and was eager for her bottle.  They sure know what the bottle means early on.
     I was so very relieved today when the two new kittens finally started eating.  I find the kittens who come in at 4 weeks old the hardest to look after.  They are too old to take to a bottle easily yet too young to be able to eat enough canned food to be adequate to keep them full.  It has been a huge battle since I picked them up Tuesday after work.  I have been very worried until now as they were not eating much at all.  Anything I got into them was a huge battle.  Their weights would go down over night and even during the day even though I was getting as much food into them as I could.  They fought me when I was feeding them.  When babies are given cat milk it plays a number on their digestive system as the cat milk is only good for adult cats, not babies with delicate digestive systems.  So it takes a few days of the babies having an upset stomach and for the cat milk to make it's way through their system.  We have made it!  Pickles is eating Whiskas canned food (I will buy whatever they will eat as long as they eat) enough to help him maintain his weight.  Polo has decided to drink from the bottle--at long last he is able to eat when he is hungry. He also purrs when I hold him quite often so he now knows I am his mama.  I am so happy that they are eating like normal kittens, the worry is over hopefully.

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