Saturday, June 28, 2014

Lots of Pictures

My house is so busy!!!  The three new babies arrived--Cypress, Conley and Cullen.  They are eating canned food mixed with formula.  Conley gained 30g today and I am waiting for the other 2 to have a significant weight gain too.  They are good babies and figuring out their new world.
     Fergusson and Freckle are 7 weeks old.  Hard to believe that in a couple of weeks they could be going to their forever home.  They have discovered the cat post and had a grand time playing on it tonight.
     I managed to get a picture of Gianni and Gulliver sleeping on the couch.  The babies now go everywhere in the house so head counts are challenging.  Today two babies were sleeping in the baby room on the bed in the cat bed, some were sleeping in the cat bed in the living room, one was on the back of the couch, one was on the couch, and a few others were playing.  Yes, busy busy in my house.

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