Saturday, June 7, 2014

Freckle and Fergusson are 4 weeks old today

My babies are 4 weeks old today and things have changed a lot since last week.  They are now bathroom kittens with a nice bed and rug on the floor (don't want their feet to get cold on the tiles).  It was too cramped for them in the 2' x 4' cage with a 1' x 2' cage in the cage once they were starting to move around a lot more and the litters couldn't be combined until the quarantine period was over today.  They quite enjoy their bigger space.  They come out of the bathroom for their play time then go back to their bed when it is nap time.  This morning Fergusson went back to the bathroom to use the litter box. What smart babies I have! Once they are more consistent (though there aren't more than a couple of misses in a day) they can have their bed moved to the living room.  They even ate a couple of bites of canned food a couple of days ago so they are growing up.  Four weeks old and both are over 400g and are right on track.  They have soft fluffy fur which makes them look like little balls of fluff. 

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