Monday, June 30, 2014

I Couldn't Resist

It appears I have 2 full time jobs.  One I work outside the home and the other in my home.  Cullen, Conley and Cypress (the new 3 kittens) held their own until today for weight.  Then suddenly they kicked in and are really, really enjoying their food.  I managed to catch a picture of Cullen (more pictures on their 5 week birthday on Thursday) after he had his supper.  He really really enjoyed his supper.  I laughed so hard when I saw him.  Then I had to give him a bath to get the food off.  Then I wrapped him up in a blanket to make sure he didn't get chilled and get into trouble because of chilling.  He got warm then wiggly then wanted to go and play. 
     It is a full time job keeping 5 litter boxes clean upstairs, feeding kittens (about 6 cans per day), weighing kittens and loving the kittens as often as humanly possible.  But it is so rewarding to see all 12 babies eating, growing, playing and being normal little kittens that it is impossible to not want to keep doing this second full time job.

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