Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Grayson, Vincent and Geranium

Geranium (first 2 pictures) is getting adopted this week.  She is going to a great home and one where I can keep up on her progress.
The next two pictures are of Grayson.  He got adopted once and got very sick in his new home so ended back at my house.  I was very happy to have him back.  The last 3 pictures are of Vincent.  Doesn't he look a lot like Grayson?  But check out his two thumbs and that is an easy way to tell them apart.  Vincent has one large thumb and a small thumb between the large thumb and his paw.  He loves to play just as any kitten does.  When they all get going it is hard to tell the two boys apart in a quick glance.  They love to snuggle in the morning as well--surprise, all my kittens seem to like to snuggle in the morning as this is their special time. 

Vaxton and Onyx

Onyx, my little Onyx is finally up for adoption.  He has been big enough for a couple of weeks but I am having a hard time letting him go.  I have had him since he was hours old and watched him grow from 100g to a fine young kitten.  He knows his name and will come scampering when you call him.  He is a busy boy and loves to "help" with things you are doing.  He loves to snuggle in bed and on your lap.  He is my miracle boy and my heart aches at having to let him go.
     Vaxton is indeed a fine young kitten.  He is very busy and loves to sit on your lap.  He is a food monster though and knows within seconds if you try to eat something.  He has not been given people food but that doesn't stop him from trying to check it out.  He can be a real pain sometime.  He loves to play.
     I have had a rough go with the "J" kittens.  Jayda was rushed to the vet when she became constipated.  She kept trying and trying but nothing happened.  I did the usual things--washed her bum with warm water and used cooking oil on a q-tip to try and lubricate.  She spent the day at the vet and came home so she could have some uspervision and loving.  She was dead in the morning.  I took her body to the vet.  She was the third "J" kitten to be lost.  So Jersey was the one left for me to love and worry about.  She was very small and very quiet but still eating.  Then she developed constipation too.  My heart dropped and there I was back again worrying about her.  I called the vet at home on Nov 11 to discuss what we should do.  We agreed to let me keep her home for the night then take her in to the office in the morning.  I gave her a kitten enema (yes yet another thing on my resume) and keep her moving as much as I could for a kitten who did not want to move at all.  Diarrhea has always been what I have to deal with and never constipation.  So off she went in the morning on my way to work.  The vet had to put her to sleep (no not a permanent sleep) so she could agressively remove the poop.  She also examined Jayda's body to see what we were up against as Jersey had the same issue.  Jayda had a perforated bowel. I picked up Jersey after work.  She was tired and now on lactulose to keep her system working.  She has since become much better and really active once she was feeling better. When she started playing with the others I had to watch for 30 minutes as I couldn't get enough of watching her acting like a normal kitten.  She comes to my bedroom in the morning for loving with the others as well as scampers after others when they are all in a play mode.  She is a joy to watch and purrs as soon as you pick her up.
     On Sunday I went to a fundraising supper.  When I came home all the kittens came to eat except for Jersey.  I go into panic mode as she is the one most likely to have problems as she just became strong.  I had a raised voice as I called her.  I looked under my bed, in the cat bed in the livingroom, in the cat bed in the kitchen, under the bed again becoming more frantic that she had crashed somewhere.  I heard a little meow so knew I now had a live kitten to find.  I searched and searched wishing she would cry again but she did not cooperate.  I finally found her on the bottom stair going into the basement.  She is so tiny that she was standing on her back legs and only the tips of her front feet could reach the next stair up.  So she could manage going down one by one but would never ever be able to come back up.  I raced to get her and she immediately purred and rubbed and snuggled as if to say "I knew you would come for me mom".  Yes, she was feeling better.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


It has been a hard 2 weeks.  After fighting hard for Jefferson and losing him I was crushed.  Then on Wed Kennedy died.  When I came home on Friday Kenaston was dead in the litter box--what a horrible place to die.  Then on Monday when I got up I found Kendall dead.  He had been playing on my lap just the day before.  I panicked because I knew that there was something major going on with this litter.  So I took Kingston in to spend the day at the vet mainly because he had not gained much weight at all since I got him and he would not eat any of the 4 cans of food that I opened.  He did eat roast chicken I had in the fridge.  This was so much like the "E" litter earlier this summer. I picked Kingston up after work.  We have him on 2 antibiotics one of which I have to give intramuscularly (hurts me more than him as this is new to me).  The vet agrees with me that it is possibly FIP which is a death sentence and that we will try antibiotics to clear up any infection and ward off a possible infection which is what kills with FIP.  When I took Galen, Germany and Geranium in this morning Rekha told me the preliminary findings are possible panleukopenia (we both don't think so) and FIP so my gut instinct is probably right.  It was just so similar to the "E" litter that I suspected what I was up against after the third kitten died.
.    .    .   .   .    . Vermont, Venus, Griffin and Grayson went to Petsmart on Saturday.  Monday night I got a call from Petsmart at 9 pm saying my kittens had fleas and had to leave as soon as possible.  So I got Heather to pick them up Tues morning and take them to the vet.  Of course they didn't have fleas.  They were just at the vet on Wed and didn't have them then.  So back to Petsmart where Venus found a home that afternoon.  Her new name is going to be Mango.  I miss her already.
.    .     .   .    .Kingston is feeling much better and has forgiven me for poking him.  He finally, finally gained a bit lot of weight.  He is not out of the woods yet but I am more hopeful than I was before.  So many things going on over and above looking after all the babies.  Life still goes on--the normal things as well as the new things and somehow I get through.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

the last week has been hard

     It has been overwhelming at times.  I have never before felt that I physically could not get done in a day what I wanted to.  I have literally run out of time.  I get up in the morning and do at least 2 hours of work for the babies--feeding, loving, cleaning litter boxes, cleaning up messes before I go to work for 8 hours.  Then I come home and do it all over again.  I would not change a thing and keep digging deep for a bit of energy to get done what I need to and some of what I hope to. Monday I planned to run to the library after work, come home weigh and feed the babies, make my supper then watch my t.v. show at 6 p.m.  (I work until 5:30 so this tells you the pace I had to keep up in order to accomplish this).  I had promised the babies that I would grab a blanket, pillow, telephone, channel changer and we would curl up on the couch.  I was making myself have some down time as I had been running on empty for a long time (in the middle of an 11 day in a row stretch).  When I got home I found Jefferson had crashed so I phoned the vet and dropped everything and rushed him in.  He was barely alive.  I helped the vet by holding the oxygen mask on his face, listened to his heart on doppler (heart rate was 40 and should have been 200).  She gave him two meds via the rectum.  I was stroking and talking to him to keep him stimulated.  All plans were pushed aside.  I learned how to give an intramuscular injection and home we came after his heartrate went up to 80.  He would have been alone for the evening so I was all he had.  I came home with him and was immediately mobbed by 17 kittens who were starving and "where were you mom?"  So I got the human baby sling, warmed the split pea pack and put Jefferson in as I weighed and recored weights of 17 babies.  I then fed the babies after weigh in.  All the while I am talking, rubbing and crying on Jefferson.  I held him for 1 1/2 hours and vaguely thought of supper at 8 p.m.  At 8:20 p.m. Jefferson spewed vomit and died in my arms. I had a wide variety of emotions but could not afford to quit carrying on.  I tried so hard yet it was not to be.  So I was up until midnight trying to get some things done that had to be done.  I felt empty, disappointed, crushed, needed by the others, loved by the 17 babies still with me, tired, exhausted, drained and in shock.  I cannot change some things and I hate losing.
.     .      .       .      .Last night I came home from work and found Kennedy crashed.  She had been struggling for a long while and I was keeping close watch on her.  I lost her in the evening and had yet something else to deal with.  I am tired, have worked 11 days in a row, need to get a lot of things done. I took 7 babies to the vet for vaccinations and microchipping and health checks.  Vermont, Venus, Grayson and Griffin have graduated to being up for adoption.  Vaxton will be up for adoption next week and Onyx in 2 weeks.  Again emotions run as I have to really face the babies finding their forever homes.  This is a hard journey sometimes but whatever happens, I will deal with it somehow.  The babies need me and I need them.  Unconditional love is priceless.