Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Grayson, Vincent and Geranium

Geranium (first 2 pictures) is getting adopted this week.  She is going to a great home and one where I can keep up on her progress.
The next two pictures are of Grayson.  He got adopted once and got very sick in his new home so ended back at my house.  I was very happy to have him back.  The last 3 pictures are of Vincent.  Doesn't he look a lot like Grayson?  But check out his two thumbs and that is an easy way to tell them apart.  Vincent has one large thumb and a small thumb between the large thumb and his paw.  He loves to play just as any kitten does.  When they all get going it is hard to tell the two boys apart in a quick glance.  They love to snuggle in the morning as well--surprise, all my kittens seem to like to snuggle in the morning as this is their special time. 

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