Wednesday, November 10, 2010


It has been a hard 2 weeks.  After fighting hard for Jefferson and losing him I was crushed.  Then on Wed Kennedy died.  When I came home on Friday Kenaston was dead in the litter box--what a horrible place to die.  Then on Monday when I got up I found Kendall dead.  He had been playing on my lap just the day before.  I panicked because I knew that there was something major going on with this litter.  So I took Kingston in to spend the day at the vet mainly because he had not gained much weight at all since I got him and he would not eat any of the 4 cans of food that I opened.  He did eat roast chicken I had in the fridge.  This was so much like the "E" litter earlier this summer. I picked Kingston up after work.  We have him on 2 antibiotics one of which I have to give intramuscularly (hurts me more than him as this is new to me).  The vet agrees with me that it is possibly FIP which is a death sentence and that we will try antibiotics to clear up any infection and ward off a possible infection which is what kills with FIP.  When I took Galen, Germany and Geranium in this morning Rekha told me the preliminary findings are possible panleukopenia (we both don't think so) and FIP so my gut instinct is probably right.  It was just so similar to the "E" litter that I suspected what I was up against after the third kitten died.
.    .    .   .   .    . Vermont, Venus, Griffin and Grayson went to Petsmart on Saturday.  Monday night I got a call from Petsmart at 9 pm saying my kittens had fleas and had to leave as soon as possible.  So I got Heather to pick them up Tues morning and take them to the vet.  Of course they didn't have fleas.  They were just at the vet on Wed and didn't have them then.  So back to Petsmart where Venus found a home that afternoon.  Her new name is going to be Mango.  I miss her already.
.    .     .   .    .Kingston is feeling much better and has forgiven me for poking him.  He finally, finally gained a bit lot of weight.  He is not out of the woods yet but I am more hopeful than I was before.  So many things going on over and above looking after all the babies.  Life still goes on--the normal things as well as the new things and somehow I get through.

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