Saturday, August 1, 2015

My Last Post

    The time has come for me to retire from looking after baby kittens after 18 years of being a kitten mom.  It has been so many things--tumultuous, happy, sad, happy/sad, exhausting, rewarding, full of love between the babies and myself, getting up during the night to feed little ones, rushing home during a 30 minute lunch/supper break to feed the tiny ones, worry, stress, many uncountable weighing sessions, tears licked away by a baby when one has been lost, learning forever learning, constant cleaning, things ruined by kittens, load after load of laundry, laps full of kittens, the first purr of a tiny baby that usually happened at 2 am, litter box after litter box cleaned and bleached, the joy of a kitten raised from incredibly tiny to big enough to go to their forever home, struggling to make people truly understand what my world is about but failing, not being able to go anywhere because I know my babies best and it is not easy to teach someone else how to bottle feed when it requires instinct with the facts of how to bottle feed, and the knowledge that I could push myself harder and farther than I ever would have dreamed possible.  I would like to say thanks to the many people who have touched my heart and so often in a moment that I so needed it.  Thanks to the encouragement I have been given and to the people who have become friends because of the kittens. I so value all the pictures, updates and stories sent to me from forever homes, these are true treasures. I would still like to hear from you as the babies will always be in my heart.  My email address is
This transition will be difficult as life will be very different than it has for almost 2 decades. Kittens have been my life.  Thank you to all who have touched my life.