Saturday, April 21, 2012


.  .  .  .  This is why I drop everything and enjoy every minute with my babies.  You never know.  They got the mom of my babies and are coming for my little ones.  They belong with their mom, no question so back they go to her.  Just like last summer when I had the "R" babies for just over a day.  They will be welcomed back and loved with their mom and will be where they should be--loved by their real mom.  This doesn't mean that it will be easy to see them go.  I have to do the right thing, always for my babies.  It is just hard to see them all go at once but they will be happy to see their mom.  They are now washing themselves in their warm bed after the supper they just got.  They will be fine and are very lucky little babies.  Every baby who comes in must leave one way or another.  It is just sooner than I thought.

"O" baby update

The babies are doing great.  We have a routine which they love.  They are allowed to run and play in the livingroom and certainly do love their toys.  Then back into the 4' X 2' cage for a meal (2 at a time so I can watch if they eat well enough) and into the warmed bed for a nap.  You can tell they are young as they are all on the same page at the same time.
.  .  .  .Names have been chosen.  The two boys are Odie and Oy (one of my kittens got adopted and had a ferret named Oy for a friend.  I fell in love with the name and am happy to use it now).  The girls are Oxana, Oasis and Oprah.

Baby season again

I am back.  I left last October 3 until October 20 to take my daughter on her graduation trip to Bali, Malaysia and Thailand.  It was a much needed break from a hard 2011.  It was wonderful to have 20 carefree days with only having to figure out where and what we were going to have for supper.  I also changed jobs after 14 years at the end of December.  Now for the best year ever in 2012.
.  .  .  .  I got my first babies yesterday.  Five little angels who were living outside with their mom.  The mom is still out there with one remaining baby.  I went picture crazy this morning as they are the first babies and were playing and playing and I couldn't get enough of it.  They are good little ones.  The smallest little girl is a mama's girl and comes to the end of the cage crying to be picked up.  So I spent a long time this morning holding her.  She knew she had my heart because she purred and rolled over on her back and my heart melted.  Names will be picked soon and lots of love to be given and received.