Saturday, April 21, 2012


.  .  .  .  This is why I drop everything and enjoy every minute with my babies.  You never know.  They got the mom of my babies and are coming for my little ones.  They belong with their mom, no question so back they go to her.  Just like last summer when I had the "R" babies for just over a day.  They will be welcomed back and loved with their mom and will be where they should be--loved by their real mom.  This doesn't mean that it will be easy to see them go.  I have to do the right thing, always for my babies.  It is just hard to see them all go at once but they will be happy to see their mom.  They are now washing themselves in their warm bed after the supper they just got.  They will be fine and are very lucky little babies.  Every baby who comes in must leave one way or another.  It is just sooner than I thought.

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