Friday, May 25, 2012

A baby who is needing lots of love

Welcome to my new little one.  He is indeed a tiny little one as he was born on May 23 two days ago.  I will get confirmation tomorrow that he is a little boy.  He is 100g and drinking a little from the bottle.  I wait for him to dig in and have his meal.  He was extremely cold when I got him and it has taken hours for him to warm up to where I am happy.  He is residing under the heat lamp and quite enjoying it. I have held him for hours since I got him.  Thank goodness he can't hear my singing.  I sing as I put my cheek on him so he thinks he has a mommy who is purring.  He can feel vibration and hopefully the love.  I will be getting up to him during the night as the little bit of milk he drinks is not enough to hold him strong for very long.  Every hour is a gift and hopefully many hours more to come.

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