Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Vaxton and Onyx

Onyx, my little Onyx is finally up for adoption.  He has been big enough for a couple of weeks but I am having a hard time letting him go.  I have had him since he was hours old and watched him grow from 100g to a fine young kitten.  He knows his name and will come scampering when you call him.  He is a busy boy and loves to "help" with things you are doing.  He loves to snuggle in bed and on your lap.  He is my miracle boy and my heart aches at having to let him go.
     Vaxton is indeed a fine young kitten.  He is very busy and loves to sit on your lap.  He is a food monster though and knows within seconds if you try to eat something.  He has not been given people food but that doesn't stop him from trying to check it out.  He can be a real pain sometime.  He loves to play.
     I have had a rough go with the "J" kittens.  Jayda was rushed to the vet when she became constipated.  She kept trying and trying but nothing happened.  I did the usual things--washed her bum with warm water and used cooking oil on a q-tip to try and lubricate.  She spent the day at the vet and came home so she could have some uspervision and loving.  She was dead in the morning.  I took her body to the vet.  She was the third "J" kitten to be lost.  So Jersey was the one left for me to love and worry about.  She was very small and very quiet but still eating.  Then she developed constipation too.  My heart dropped and there I was back again worrying about her.  I called the vet at home on Nov 11 to discuss what we should do.  We agreed to let me keep her home for the night then take her in to the office in the morning.  I gave her a kitten enema (yes yet another thing on my resume) and keep her moving as much as I could for a kitten who did not want to move at all.  Diarrhea has always been what I have to deal with and never constipation.  So off she went in the morning on my way to work.  The vet had to put her to sleep (no not a permanent sleep) so she could agressively remove the poop.  She also examined Jayda's body to see what we were up against as Jersey had the same issue.  Jayda had a perforated bowel. I picked up Jersey after work.  She was tired and now on lactulose to keep her system working.  She has since become much better and really active once she was feeling better. When she started playing with the others I had to watch for 30 minutes as I couldn't get enough of watching her acting like a normal kitten.  She comes to my bedroom in the morning for loving with the others as well as scampers after others when they are all in a play mode.  She is a joy to watch and purrs as soon as you pick her up.
     On Sunday I went to a fundraising supper.  When I came home all the kittens came to eat except for Jersey.  I go into panic mode as she is the one most likely to have problems as she just became strong.  I had a raised voice as I called her.  I looked under my bed, in the cat bed in the livingroom, in the cat bed in the kitchen, under the bed again becoming more frantic that she had crashed somewhere.  I heard a little meow so knew I now had a live kitten to find.  I searched and searched wishing she would cry again but she did not cooperate.  I finally found her on the bottom stair going into the basement.  She is so tiny that she was standing on her back legs and only the tips of her front feet could reach the next stair up.  So she could manage going down one by one but would never ever be able to come back up.  I raced to get her and she immediately purred and rubbed and snuggled as if to say "I knew you would come for me mom".  Yes, she was feeling better.

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