Monday, December 13, 2010

grab a beverage, this is a long post to catch you up on everything

.   .    .    .    .Where to start?  On Nov 19th my daughter Laura took her kittens (my babies from this summer) Flora and Fontana to get spayed.  Usually not a complicated thing but not this time.  Fontana just wasn't right.  Her eye swole up, pupil was dilated, eye was cloudy as well as she just was not feeling good.  10 days of being scared.  On the 10th day, Wed, at 4:24 am (she works at 5 am so gets up early) she phoned hysterical.  Fontana could not walk and was in deep trouble.  We arranged for me to get the key she would hide outside, take her to the vet before I went to work.  Laura couldn't manage to stay at work as she was so upset so her boss was called in to cover.  Laura took Fontana to the vet after I called the vet at home in the early morning.  Turns out Fontana had dormant FIP which we had absolutely no sign of as she had never been sick as a baby.  We fought hard for her even though her life span was greatly decreased.  Laura considered adopting Vaxton (her little favorite out of my babies whom she affectionately called Hoover because he loves, loves people food) to keep Flora company as Flora was very lonely as Fontana could not do much at all.  Last Tues Laura called me at work crying and saying if this was as good as Fontana's life was going to be it was not a good life and not fair to Fontana.  The one way appointment was made for the next morning.  Then she called at 5:`10 pm and said Fontana fell on her head off the couch and the deed had to be done that night.  So I called the vet who was leaving but agreed to stay--wonderful vet at Orchard's vet clinic. So while I was upset at work Laura was taking her precious baby to the vet.  I immediately got on the phone to see if Vaxton at Petsmart was still available as one time I was not told a kitten had been adopted.  He was still there so I put a hold on him in case she wanted him.  When she came to my house I asked her if she wanted him and she did so we went straight to Petsmart to get Vaxton.  So now Hoover is her adopted baby.  Flora and Hoover were best friends right from the beginning and Laura had a few laughs inbetween tears for Fontana.
.     .      .      .  Then on Wed my younger daughter called me at work and said "mom we have a problem"  My heart stopped as she is doing a 6 week practical for her masters in Physiotherapy program in Inuvik.  Yes, way, way up North and in the cold.  She was in Fort McPherson (called Fort McPhoo by the locals) and had found a 4 month old puppy freezing in the -51 weather on the metal grate outside the medical center.  They were going to shoot him if he was left to run around.  So I immediately said 'bring him home".  So began the adventure of McPhoo.  He is a good husky boy--white with brown patches.  She found a home for him through her contacts and networking in Edmonton but not until after Christmas.  She returns home on the 18th so we thought no problem, he could come home with her.  Only catch we discovered is that animals cannot travel on the plane after the 15th.  After the 10th animals cannot be flown unattended.  So what to do?  Today Laura is flying to Edmonton and returning tonight with McPhoo.  He was flown to Edmonton yesterday and picked up by a friend of Heather's who was taking today off to play with the puppy until she takes him to the plane to meet up with Laura.  So tonight after the midnight flight I will have Laura and McPhoo home.  Sure hope he likes kittens otherwise he will spend time locked in the kitchen when unsupervised.  Then Heather will drive home with him on the 28th.  How could I turn my back on a helpless animal even though it is complicated to get him home as well as costing his air travel and a flight for Laura?  They are my daughters after all and have learned compassion to animals from me.
.     .   .    .   Kitten update--Galen, Germany and Vaxton (now Hoover and will be part of my household in a couple of weeks when my daughter moves home) are all adopted.  Onyx is now up for adoption and I am bracing for the goodbye.  He did go to Petsmart for a few days so I have broken myself in a little bit.  Kingston may be adopted and held in my home until the 23rd.  That leaves Grayson and Vincent looking for their forever homes.  Jersey is doing well and growing well after her health emergency.  It is a joy to watch her grow big enough and healthy enough to start playing and running with the other kittens.  Life is good, everyone is healthy and my family will grow one dog larger tonight.

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  1. Such bittersweet stories you have. The FIP choice was the right one. We too had to make that decision for our sick little kitten, and even though it broke our heart, it was even harder to watch her deteriorate.
    You are a kind person and thank you so much for all that you do for these kittens.
    Merry Christmas!