Saturday, March 5, 2011

Jamieson, Jelly Bean and Julia


The season has begun.  Jamieson, Jelly Bean and Julia arrived yesterday.  They were born on March 1/11 so are newborns.  Jamieson is the black and white male, Julia is the orange tabby female and Jelly Bean is the torti with the bean like spot on her head.  They are eating well and are very strong babies.  I am getting used to a new routine.  It is all good right now as I am not worried about any of them right now.  I pulled the formula out of the freezer, organized my piles of blankets, got a bottle ready, got out a roll of toilet paper and plugged in the heat lamp.  I am ready......Julia purred for me this morning and it is one of the best gifts I can be given.  I love the start of a new season.  I am filled with hope. 
I have not had to deal with the heartbreak of losing a baby yet this season nor the mixed emotions of saying goodbye when they find their forever home.  I have only had the joy of loving the babies and not the panic of having a baby in trouble where nothing else matters until the baby is fine again.  Yes, this is the best time of a baby season.

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