Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Jamieson is growin fast.  I had to call the vet on Saturday and got permission to put him on antibiotics.  He was off his food and had diarrhea.  His appetite is huge now!  He is gaining weight big time now--he gained 24g and 28g the last 2 days which is more than the desired 10g.  His eyes are open, he looks like a kitten now.  He is walking on his legs much better.  Yesterday I moved him out from under the heat lamp and into the big cage with Lacey bypassing the middle cage as he has company in the big cage.  The two are bonding and now sleep side by side becoming a family.
.   .   .   .Lacey is growing too.  She is gaining weight in leaps and bounds too.  When she is put on the livingroom floor she will now walk into the kitchen as she explores her world.  She seems to like the company of Jamieson too and is a gentle big sister.

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  1. So glad Jamieson is doing so well. Lacey will certainly help him. Funnily, I (nee Lacey) have a brother called James, which is almost Jamieson. Also I have another brother who known as David but his full name on the birth certificate is Davidson. True! I think this particular little furry gem has our Family Guardian Angel reaching from Australia to Canada to help look after him. I wish him and You and all your Family the best...