Monday, March 28, 2011

Nugget and Nox

Here is Nugget (gray) and Nox (black).  They are settling in well.  Yesterday Nugget was not happy with the other cats and was very vocal about her unhappiness.  I was worried that meeting Maggie today would be stressful too but she didn't mind Maggie at all and even curled up right by Maggie's tummy.  Nox is a unique character already.  He does his own thing when he wants to.  He is a easy going little boy.  All 4 kittens had small weight gains today but I won't worry.  Note to self--feed Jamieson then make him pee and poop.  I fed him then went to give his bottom a bath.  I ended up with a pee spot on my tummy as I ran the water and poop happening during the bath.

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