Saturday, April 2, 2011

It has been the best morning! I thought I would share pictures of the morning as I had so much fun and many smiles watching the babies.  All the babies are healthy, growing, gaining weight and getting older.  They are starting to play which is one of the best stages.  All 4 were having a great time with each other and the toys they are discovering.  Even Hoover and Maggie were part of the fun.
. . . . . Jersey left last night for her forever home.  When she was in the cage getting ready to go Hoover went over and put his toes through the bars as if to say goodbye and good luck.  They are the best of friends and I know Hoover will miss her.
.  .   .  .  .Jamieson is becoming a little boy.  As you can see from the picture he is starting to sleep like a "big" kitten.  He still loves his bottle and swaggers when he walks.  He does still love his nap time and is not ready to give them up any time soon.   Just yesterday I was holding him and wondering when did that little 118g kitten become a 420g little boy.  When did he grow up so fast?
.  .  .  .Lacey is becoming a mama's girl.  She comes to sit on my lap often.  She is eating canned food but still wants a bottle once in a while.  Of course I am not in a hurry to make her switch over.  I want to make sure she continues to gain weight.  Lacey scampers when she runs through the house.
.  .  .  Nugget and Nox are quite the pair.  Nugget loves to come to me to have me give her some loving.  She is feeling better since the antibiotics and has gained way more than I ever expect.  She is enjoying feeling better and running around.  Nox as always does his own thing when he wants to.  He loves Maggie and had a good nap with her this morning. 
.  .  .  All 4 babies are catching a nap in the cage.  They got tuckered out from all the playing.  It feels good to watch them all sleeping.  The best time of the day for me is at night when all have had their own bit of loving, are fed and are down for the night. After I get into bed I sometimes just sit and listen to the silence knowing all is well and all are another day older.  I take in every moment of the good days when no one is making me worry and all are happy and playing and loving each other.

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  1. What a wonderful update! Reading this and looking at the pictures certainly made my day.