Wednesday, April 27, 2011

welcome to my new arrivals

Yesterday I added to my family.  As often happens they come in bunches.  The calico "S" girl is just over 2 weeks old.  The 5 "R" babies are 5 days old today.  The mom had 8 babies but 3 died.  They were very cold when I got them but the heat lamp soon fixed that problem.  The "S" baby (names to be determined today) is very vocal though after a few good feeds seems more content.  I walked her last night and she seemed to enjoy that.  The 5 babies are eating well.  The tiniest one is only 92g so I will be seeing a lot of growing I am sure.  One has white on the tummy and face, another has white tips on the paws, another has white tips on the front feet.  The last two are identical as far as I can tell right now.   They are only 2 g different in weight so it will be a big challenge to tell them apart.  I am having a hard time deciding if they are boys or girls so we will check in with the vet today and get some extra help with that.  Hopefully the twins will be different sexes but somehow I am suspecting not.  By the way, 4:15 this morning was beautiful.  Back to interupted nights but that's okay as long as they keep growing and doing well.

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