Thursday, April 28, 2011


When I take my babies to Petsmart I always tell them they are going to camp.  Well, I was the camp for 2 days.  The feral mom of the 5 babies I got was caught this morning.  She was reunited with her babies and welcomed them back.  I am very happy they are with their mom as that is where every baby should be.  But I am sad as I miss them and really enjoyed feeding them.  They were all strong and eating well and little darlings.  I named the twins Riff and Raff.  It is like having 5 adoptions all within a minute.  So now my little "S" baby will be spoiled rotten as she can get all the attention.
.    .      .    .    Jamieson, Nugget, Nox and Lacey all gained a lot of weight today.  Maybe they ate not long before I got home.  They were mobbing me for their supper though so were hungry enough.  Jamieson sleeps on my bed during the night so he is close when I wake up in the morning.  He likes to come right beside me and roll over so he can have his tummy scratched.  Lacey is the serious player whether the other wants to play or not.  Nugget and Nox are the quietest of the 4.  Too soon they will be going to their forever homes.  I am preparing myself.

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  1. Donna you are such an amazing lady to help these little cuties out. I know they are a ton of time and energy! Bless you for being so kind and caring! : ) I really enjoy your pictures and blog!