Saturday, May 21, 2011

a big bunch of updates and my new family of 3 addition

Sorry for the long time between posts.  I welcomed Tristan, Tamryn and Tessa to my family on May 5.  They are 6 weeks old today and starting to show their own personalities.  Tristan is already a mama's boy and longs to be held as much as he can.  Tessa is a little doll and growing but more slowly than the other two.  Tamryn is a big girl and is loving being out of the cage to play today.  She and Tristan are definitely bigger and more physically able to do more than Sapphire and Tessa.  They are showing interest in canned food so soon I will have 2 less on the bottle.
     I just took Jamieson, Lacey, Nox and Nugget to Petsmart.  Yes, it is that time already.  The house is much quieter with the 4 gone.  They play a lot together so there is usually something going on.  I ran to Marks work wearhouse and came back to check on my babies and already someone fell in love with Lacey and is off to do the adoption. I don't think any of them will be coming home as they are so adorable.
     On Tues Sapphire ran into problems.  She got into the canned food while I was warming the bottle and must have got some stuck in her throat.  I was able to feed her at 8:15 before I went to work and some tiny little pieces came out and then she ate well and the milk stayed down.  Then in the morning she was starving but the milk she tried to drink poured out.  So off to the vet for them to sneak an examination in during the afternoon.  When I went to pick her up after work the vet and I worked on her to see what was going on.  We masked her with gas as drugs would be too hard on such a tiny little baby.  It took 5 applications as it wears off quickly which is the purpose.  Rekha tried to put the tube down but it wouldn't go into her stomach.  Finally it pushed through to her stomach.  I held her as she was waking up.  I was to feed her when she got up to make sure all was well.  She ate and only lost a tiny bit of her milk.  I fed her little bits often during the evening as her tummy had been empty all day.  She was fine and certainly hungry.  She only lost 8 g after her ordeal.  On Wed she gained 24g and Thurs 10 g so on the road to being a normal little kitten.


  1. Not surprised Lacey was selected so quickly. She is just so cute! Certainly glad Sapphire responded well to treatment after her food misadventure

  2. Donna thank you so much for everything that you have done. It is amazing to see pictures of little Tessa (now Dinah). My wife and I were the couple who adopted her. She is one of the most amazing cats, and I know that it was your love that helped her to be that way. That being said, this afternoon we got news from the vet that she tested positive for Feline Leukaemia. I figured I should let you know. Dinah has been a strictly indoor cat, so we are assuming that she got it from her mother. It is sad news and we are going to make sure that her remaining time continues with love.