Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A long overdue update

Where to begin?  The baby season has been slower than normal which is good for the babies who are not in trouble.  On April 25 my mom was diagnosed with tonsil cancer and the next 2 months were incredibly hard as we dealt with the cancer.  It has been an exhausting ordeal as I dealt with my feelings and my mom's feelings when I discovered she was not acting like the mom I knew and loved.  She passed away on July 5.
.    .     .     .  These are my 2 new babies--Ike is the orange little boy and Ivan is the fluffy siamese little boy.  They arrived a week ago yesterdya.  They are on the bottle though Ivan is starting to dig into the canned food.  They are very pudgy sweet little boys.  Ike is the adventuresome brother and was the first to climb up on the couch and into the play tunnel on the cat stand.  They are growing nicely.
.    .    .     .The other 4 kittens (Jamieson, Tristan, Tessa and Tamryn) are at Petsmart this week.  They are waiting for their forever homes.  Jamieson has beautiful fur and is an affectionate baby.  Tessa is a small girl and will be a small cat when she grows up.  Tristan is a real "mama's boy".  Tamryn is a quiet girl who loves her cuddle sessions.
.    .     .    .I promise to put more posts on my blog as the "normal" life I have longed for begins to return.


  1. So sorry to hear about your Mom! :(

  2. Ditto ~ Ever so sorry about your Mum ~ Do hope the good run with kitties continues so as to help fill up that void in your heart